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Announcing the winners of Peeps in Law 2014

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We’ve come to the end of Peeps in Law 2014, and what a long sugary trip it’s been. We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s contest, as voted on by our readers. The top three finalists will receive gift cards from PEEPS & Company to spend as they wish. Might we suggest the giant plush Peep, which we would cuddle every night?

First Place

Constitutional Crisis - 1224 votes (37.95%)

Constitutional Crisis

Submitted by Paula J. Quillin and Barbara Rush of Franden | Woodard | Farris | Quillin + Goodnight in Tulsa, Okla.

Second Place

Upskirting: A Peeping Tom engages in Free Speepch - 655 votes (20.31%)


Submitted by Asma Anwar, Full-time lawyer, Part-time Peep Artist.

Third Place:

Raffles v. Wichelpeep - 595 votes (18.45%)

Raffles v. Wichelpeep

Submitted by Cynthia Cohan, with the assistance of Brian Chang, Enjoli Fletcher, Ellen McLaughlin, Joene Hanhardt, Nancy Moravecek, John Robinson, and John Vishneski.

Thanks to all who participated in our contest this year! Click here to read our full contest rules.

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