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Black's Law Dictionary Now in iTunes

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Adding to the ever-expanding toolbox for the wired lawyer who needs to work while on the go, West has launched a Black’s Law Dictionary in iTunes.

This is the first iPhone/iPod Touch app for the legal publisher and features the most recent edition of the dictionary.

“The idea that you can have a very full, elaborate, complex and richly textured book like Black’s available at your fingertips is fantastic,” the dictionary’s editor Bryan A. Garner said in a statement.

Before heading to the app store, be forewarned that the price is a bit steep compared to most of the freebies or less-than-a-dollar applications many are used to seeing. The Federal Rules of Evidence are available on The Law Pod app for 99 cents. And the U.S. Constitution is available in a number of apps for free or for a nominal price.

So what’s West’s price for the Black’s Law Dictionary? $49.99.

That’s still a break off the Amazon price for print, which is listed at more than $52 ($195 for a second edition reprint) and the digital version, which is going for $80.

Dan Bennett, senior director of New Product Technology at West, said in the statement that lawyers and law students can expect more apps from West soon.

Meanwhile, in the comments, please share with us some of your favorite law-related iPhone apps or those you use on other smartphones.

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