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8 new apps and accessories for your mobile devices, reviewed by lawyers

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From the Droid Lawyer blog by Oklahoma City lawyer Jeffrey Taylor:

I continually press the benefits of Chromecast, Google’s HDMI media dongle for your television. At $35 (or less if you shop around), this is a steal to allow you to bypass your DVD player and stream media directly to your big screen. Chromecast streams Hulu+, Pandora, Netflix, Google Play Movies, Play Music, and is compatible with a number of other Android applications.

Google Hangouts is one of my favorite ways to communicate with folks. I use Hangouts to boost the quality of my SMS/text messages, and for video conferencing.

I made an impulse buy of a decent set of Bluetooth earbuds from Soundlogic. The earbuds are compact, charge quickly, and produce a good sound.

During Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal, I grabbed a Moto X. It’s as close to Nexus as one can get without owning the Nexus 5 phone. I’m happy with the purchase, and now anyone can customize their own phone starting at a low off-contract price.

Cambridge Soundworks produces the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker. Check out my review and see why this little guy packs a powerful sound for a budget-friendly price.

From the iPhone J.D. blog by lawyer Jeff Richardson of New Orleans:

The Super Magicstick from Powerocks is a lightweight external iPhone battery shaped like a small tube, making it easy to carry in a briefcase or purse. It can add almost 200% charge to an iPhone or around 10% charge to an iPad Air.

Apple’s $29 iPhone 5S Dock charges your iPhone while holding it upright so that you can see it. Plus, keeping your iPhone docked in that one spot makes it unnecessary for you to search for an iPhone that got hidden under papers on your desk.

Nimblstand is a $39.99 device that holds an Apple wireless keyboard and provides a place to prop up your iPad while you type.

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