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Do You Get a Holiday Party, Time Off or Nothing?

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We’re in the height of holiday party season right now and the celebration range is wide: Mark Lanier had about 7,000 guests over for a Bon Jovi concert on Sunday, Tex Parte Blog reports, while Weil Gotshal & Manges rocked the conference room.

Even unemployed lawyers and legal staffers got some office party invites: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius invited associates it had laid off to its holiday party; and about 180 former lawyers and staff of WolfBlock—about a third of them out of work or underemployed—are getting together to socialize and network.

What about at your job? Is there an office holiday party, a half-day off work or nothing extra whatsoever for employees during these festive last few weeks of the year? Have economic times prompted a change this year from last?

Answer in the comments below.

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Featured answer:

Posted by MommyEsq: “In law school, I interviewed for a summer legal internship with the SBA during the George W. Bush administration. I had a feminist student organization on my resume as an activity (I was a founding member and wanted to show my leadership). The interviewer asked me point blank whether I expected to receive an offer from that administration with that activity on my resumé. My response was that feminism is about equal treatment, and I would hope that I would be treated equally. I did receive an offer, but after the reaction I received I most definitely didn’t take it. And to answer the question asked, if I left that activity off my resumé, I think an employer would get the wrong idea about my political leanings. In college I worked as an intern for a (well-known) Republican congressman, but not because I am a Republican—he was just my district’s representative. So long as that internship is on my resumé, it will make it seem that I am more conservative than I am.”

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