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Do you judge co-workers by how clean or messy their workspaces are? How tidy are you?

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This week, the ABA asked followers of its Facebook page what we’d like to ask you: Do you judge co-workers by how clean or messy their workspaces are?

Also, let us know how tidy you keep your own desk. Do you think that how clean your workspace happens to be (or happens not to be) affects your productivity one way or the other?

Answer in the comments. And feel free to send us photos of your space.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Pogo: “Not very grueling. I keep my client count low so I can provide good service. I work across the hall from my wife, so we can have lunch and tea together. I turn away business I think will be unprofitable, which actually makes my working hours more profitable than if I didn’t. And I probably only work 45 or so hours a week. I came from a career in another profession that pretty much ruined my life (Law is not the only profession that does that), and I refuse to allow that to happen again because there’s no realistic amount of money that’s worth it. So now I am working when I can, taking care of my family, resolved that I will never be rich, and planning for a quiet retirement near the people I love.”

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