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Have you ever thought about writing a book?

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It’s no secret that the legal profession requires skill with the written word. But usually that ability is reserved for court motions and briefsā€”not novels.

In the January/February issue of the ABA Journal, one feature highlighted lawyers-turned-literary-agents who are on the hunt for the next best-selling book idea. These attorneys were once reading deposition transcripts and court decisions. Now, their desks are piled high with manuscripts about anything from animal massage therapy to caregiver memoirs. We’ve also spoken to a number of lawyer authors for our podcast The Modern Law Library.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of becoming a published author, but you’ve never found the time or thought you had the talent. Your story could be the blockbuster that these literary agents are searching for.

This week, we’d like to ask: Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so, what would your book be about? Are you already a published author?

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