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Do you doodle at work? Does it help you stay focused?

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Fast Company recently reported that doodling at work may help people be more productive.

“Research shows those random shapes, lines and figures scrawled on the margins can help memory and cognition, boost creativity, and even just help us relax,” the article said.

When people doodle, according to the research, “we actually pay attention and remember more information. The practice can enhance memory in older adults. It can help with mental health, and it can make us feel good, too.”

This week, we’d like to ask: Do you doodle at work? Does it help you stay focused? What kinds of things do you draw? Are they random sketches, or do you craft a finished piece?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Stefano Molea on LinkedIn:

“Worst: I was in eighth grade and selected to present before a Rotary Club meeting. In my rush, I forgot the note cards I had prepared. It was also the first time I had ever spoken into a microphone. Not pretty.

Best: probably the opening statement in my last trial. I prepared like my client’s life was on the line (which it was). About two weeks of writing and rewriting to make sure all the right details were in the right order; recorded practice runs, etc. (but ultimately delivered without looking at my notes, of course).”

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