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Lawyer Dog Goes Viral; Captions Tout 'Pro Bone-O' Work and Dog Hours Billing

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A photo of a Welsh Corgi in a business suit has gone viral after creative captions portrayed the dog as a lawyer.

Someone posted the photo on Tumblr last year, but it got more Internet play last week after two captions on Reddit described the dog as a lawyer, Bloomberg Law reports in a video report.

The first captions:

“You can’t afford my legal fees? It’s OK, I’ll work pro bone-o.”

“So your owner made you fetch the ball, but they never actually threw it? I’d say you have a strong case for fraud.”

Soon, dozens of people had posted the photo with new captions, including these:

“Who’s a good boy? Pay your retainer, and I’ll be able to answer that question.”

“Will work tirelessly on case. Your bill will be in dog hours, naturally.”

“My client acted in self defense. The sprinkler attacked first.”

“Judge threw out our case. Don’t worry, I brought it back to him.”

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