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60 in 60's top tips covered password security, office shortcuts and a USB drink warmer/chiller

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Per tradition, ABA Techshow ended with a rapid-fire presentation of 60 novel technologies and tips in 60 minutes that touched on cybersecurity, process improvements and kitschy gadgets.

On the security front, concern for password health was ever-present. Password Checkup and PassProtect are Chrome browser plug-ins that will notify you if your password has been comprised. Office 365 has a feature called Secure Score, which will assess your security posture and recommend improvements. For those with a Chromebook, they can use automatic tethering to guarantee your computer connects to their phone’s hot spot instead of seeking and potentially connecting to an insecure network. Brave Browser has security in mind with integrated ad block, anti-malware and security software.

The presentation was made by Techshow co-chairs Lincoln Mead and John Simek and vice-chairs Catherine Sanders-Reach and Heidi Alexander on Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and their full slideshow with all 60 tips is here.

While usually promoting neat and novel things for lawyers to use in order to increase their productivity or quality of life, the panel also gave out a recommendation to avoid: Simek cautioned the audience not to use “Do Not Track,” an app that claims to stop websites from tracking you online. According to him, the tool actually leads to increased data collection by sites.

On the process improvement side, there was Flow-e, which creates a visual workflow within Microsoft Office or Gmail. For presenters looking to up their game, Poll Everywhere allows for real time polling feedback that goes right into a Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation. However, if you’re speaking to an audience larger than 25 people, the product comes at a steep price.

For Apple users, Alexander recommended a series of tips to get more out of their devices. This included how to save the default download location for screenshots; the magic cursor that helps users find an evasive cursor; and “shake to undo text,” which is what it sounds like.

Those into new hardware might be interested in keyboards, like Qwerky Writer, which is a Bluetooth keyboard that looks and acts like an Underwood typewriter, and Legalboard, which has keys like “U.S.C.” and “C.F.R.”

For those with an Amazon.com addiction, the panel introduced the audience to the Depstech Wireless Endoscope, a Wi-Fi enabled snake camera; and a drink warmer or chiller that also has a wireless charging device for your phone.

This is only a snapshot of the 60 items presented. For those who missed out on the presentation and want to talk to a colleague who was in the audience, Alexander recommends logging into the LinkedIn app and clicking “Find Nearby”. It’ll let you know if people in your network are in your proximity.

The ABA Techshow 2020 will be in Chicago from Feb. 26 to 29.

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Updated on March 4 to add a link to all 60 tips.

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