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What advice do you give your clients about social media?

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Social media is a way that people can share their triumphs—or be the cause of their ignominious defeats. The same medium that lets grandparents coo over their grandchildren also can tank a tort case or spark public outrage against a company.

But drawing wider attention to an injustice could be lifesaving for a criminal defendant. Crowdfunding also could help someone afford their legal fees. So, what should a responsible lawyer advise?

The way people use social media has spawned so many questions about free speech and modern communication that we based our April cover story on it. We also created an Asked and Answered podcast episode full of advice for lawyers whose clients already have gone viral, whether in a positive or a negative fashion.

This week, we’d like to ask you: What advice do you give your clients about social media? And do you have any success stories—or cautionary tales—to share?

Answer in the comments or on social media (bearing in mind your own advice). You can answer via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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