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What lessons did you take away from the bar exam?

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Last year, Volokh Conspiracy blogger Orin Kerr took the California bar exam before starting to work in his current position as a professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law—and 20 years after taking the bar exam for the first time.

Last week, he blogged about his experience of taking the bar exam as a 46-year-old professor, and shared some takeaways. Among them:

  • The California bar exam has too many topics. “It’s not like you can test lawyerly competence among 20 topics any better than with 10 topics. It just requires more time memorizing, and it’s not obvious what that has to do with lawyerly ability.”
  • Don’t wear school-related clothing to the test. “Given the stress of exam day, don’t wear clothing from your school, especially if you went to a school with a high bar-passage rate. It’s just obnoxious.”

So this week—as time draws near for those taking the July 2018 bar exam—we’d like to ask you: What were your lessons from the bar exam?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by Bill W: “I take my iPad to our boat. The marina is quiet, the interruptions are rare except for the swans who come by for snacks. I have learned that getting out of the usual work environment helps me to leave behind the usual thoughts of the many demands. I get to focus and be more creative.”

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