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Where Do You Want Your Law Practice to Go In 2012?

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It’s that time of year for a little soul-searching and goal-setting for the next 12 months, professionally as well as personally.

Maybe you want a completely fresh start. This month’s podcast, “Hanging a Shingle: How to Start Your Own Law Practice” features three lawyers who left established law firms and headed off on their own with brand new practices.

Or maybe you want to stay at your practice, but steer it in a new direction. In his most recent New Normal column, Patrick Lamb writes, “The difficulties of the world and of the profession open doors to change that allow each of us to choose to do things that we love to do. But here’s the problem. Making the decision requires us to do something different from what we are doing now.”

Or maybe you’re perfectly happy and want to stay the course. Will you institute any changes this year? Where do you see your law practice going in 2012?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Mommy Esq: “I’m a late nighter myself. If I couldn’t get everything done while at the office, I bring it home and work on it after 9:00 (after dinner/baths/bedtime for the kids). I am very often up into the wee hours of the morning working, cleaning the house, preparing lunches, making up grocery lists, doing the household shopping online, you name it. It is a true second shift. I consider it a decent night if I can get 6 hours of sleep, and amazing if I can get 7. Sometimes I wonder what I used to do with all of my free time before I became a lawyer and had kids…I guess I slept more.”

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