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Who are your favorite lawyers to follow on social media?

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Every summer, the ABA Journal asks our readers to submit their favorite legal blogs and social media accounts as part of our annual Web 100 feature. We use a combination of reader suggestions, contributions from a panel of outside judges, and our own favorites to compile our list. But there’s a spirited debate each year once the Web 100 is released about worthy blogs, podcasts and social media accounts that didn’t make that year’s list.

So this week, we’d like to ask: Who are your favorite lawyers to follow on social media? Who do you think your fellow ABA Journal readers should be following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn? Who would you nominate for the 2019 Web 100?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Just Some Bloke: ” ‘Where is the meeting at?’ or ‘What time is the game at?’ grate on my ears like almost nothing else. Yes, yes, I know it’s okay to end sentences with prepositions if necessary, like ‘Where are you from?’, but these prepositions are just so unnecessary. Just ask ‘Where is the meeting?’ “

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