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Who would you like to see become the next Supreme Court justice?

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Supreme Court

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Over the weekend, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at the age of 79. His “great intellect, dedication and service to the nation, the law and the American Bar Association will be missed,” ABA President Paulette Brown said in a statement, also expressing sympathy to Scalia’s family.

Scalia’s time on the court—the appointee of President Ronald Reagan served nearly 30 years—was long, and now it has ended. His death will affect cases currently before the court, and a successor must be chosen. Speculation on who President Barack Obama might choose began immediately.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Who would you like to see become the next Supreme Court justice? Set aside the realities of who you think is likely to be nominated, who is most likely to be approved by the Senate and who is actually interested in the nomination: Who do you think would be great?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by Irene Donna Thomas, Esq.: “Yes, the UBE should be adopted. With so many law firms cutting back, lawyers, young and ‘old’ should be able to cross state lines and be ready to produce when hired—without the delay of taking a new bar exam.”

Posted by Steve: “No. State substantive and procedural laws differ too greatly for a uniform cookie cutter exam. One size does not fit all.”

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