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The Price of Oil

Lawyers see both promise and problems in the $20 billion Gulf Coast compensation fund

The Go-To Mediator

When Global Families Fail

As family law takes on global dimensions, international treaties may hold the key to resolving disputes

The Record Business Blues

Note: This month’s CLE, “Seeking Harmony in Music Distribution,” is Wednesday, June 16.

International Arbitration Loses Its Grip

Are U.S. lawyers to blame?

House of Cards

Banks have had free rein to set credit rules for consumers, but now Congress is looking for ways to restack the deck

The War of Winds

Wind farms are a growing source of clean energy. But some of the neighbors are beginning to complain.

The Pain Spreads

It’s the commercial real estate market’s turn to take a hit from the financial crisis

Practice Pitfalls

When it comes to potential ethics or malpractice hazards, watch where you’re going, or look out below

The Bad-Debt Blues

It’s crucial to take federal taxes into account when restructuring debt

Hungry for Change

The feds consider a steady diet of stronger regulation to help fix the U.S. food safety network

Battle on the Home Front

A proposal to modify mortgages in bankruptcy fails in Congress, but proponents say it’s the missing weapon in fighting foreclosures

Wrangling Genes

As the law changes and new medical frontiers open, the dispute over genetic patents intensifies

Salvage Plan

Beleaguered homeowners hope the administration’s new program will break the logjam over mortgage loan workouts

Where’s the Revolution?

Drastic changes in land use law were predicted after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Kelo ruling, but four years later, things don’t look that different.

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