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Making Space Matter

As commercial prospects in space grow, a niche practice may be moving into the mainstream

Reinventing Patent Law

The pendulum is swinging for a system that has long favored the rights of patent holders

The Boss Is Watching

And employees are finding they have fewer places to hide

The IRS Gets Less Charitable

New tax rules for charitable deductions create hurdles to taxpayer philanthropy

The Company Line

The Supreme Court is backing business with gusto, taking aim at liability and litigation costs

Accounting for Lives

The 9/11 victim compensation fund worked. But what about the next time?

Erosion of Trust

Hawaii’s Bishop Estate: a cautionary tale of mismanagement at a charitable organization

Mortgage Fraud Mess

Growing numbers of homeowners are being dragged down by questionable loans

Decline & Fall

As the golden age of consumer class actions ends, the question now is whether they have any future

You’re Fired

Those words say the same thing in any language, but their legal meaning may vary drastically from country to country

The Youngest Clients

Lawyers are becoming more assertive in advocating directly for children in court proceedings

Battling Bribery Abroad

With tighter enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, more U.S. companies face issues of compliance overseas

E-Discovery Gets Real

Revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure still leave many questions about discovery of electronic evidence

Strange New World

Lawyers, debtors and creditors are struggling to absorb sweeping changes in bankruptcy law

Art Attack

Ownership of Paintings and Other Objects of Value Is Being Challenged on a Number of Legal Fronts

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