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Thrifty Litigation

Law Firms are Still Learning How to Hold Down Litigation Costs to Please Corporate Clients

The Uncertain Science of Evidence

Some Testimony from Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials Is Having Trouble Standing Up to Tougher Scrutiny from the Courts

Unconventional Wisdom

Growing Reliance on Alternative Forms of Mortgage Financing Brings New Complexities to Real Estate Law

Say the Right Thing

From Opening Statement to Closing Argument, Persuasive Language Is the Strongest Tool You Have for Building a Successful Trial Strategy

The Verdict on Juries

More States Are Adopting Jury Reforms, Freeing Jurors to Take Notes and Ask Questions. But Some Judges Are Slow to Embrace the Changes.

The Med-Mal Divide

As the AMA Talks Up Damage Caps and Specialty Courts, Solving the Medical Malpractice Clash May Require Bridging the Lawyer-Doctor Culture Gap

New Test for DUI Defense

Advances in Technology and Stricter Laws Create Challenges for Lawyers

Litigation Over Arbitration

Courts Differ on Enforceability of Mandatory Clauses

Consumer Complaints

Customers Worry About Loss of Privacy When Businesses Share Credit Information

The Rules Change with Age

Income Tax Issues Get Tougher for an Older Population

Look Before You Leap

Selling to the Government Can Be Lucrative, But the Public Contract System May Seem Like Unfamiliar Waters

Old Continent, New Deal

The European Union Is Developing a Body of Law That Will Have a Major Impact on U.S. Businesses

The Outside Looking In

There’s Still Corporate Work for Law Firms, But They Have to Start Thinking About the Company They Want to Keep

The Changing Face of Gay Legal Issues

Lawyers Advising Clients Face Uncertainties on Issues Ranging From Parental Rights to Estate Planning

It’s Not Just About Money

Keeping Fee Disputes to a Minimum Can Be Key to Reducing Risks of Malpractice Claims and Disciplinary Complaints

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