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The Endangered Trial Lawyer

Note: Register for this month’s CLE, “Old Lions Still Roar: Seven Veteran Trial Lawyers Share Their Strategies,” from…

Abraham Lincoln, Esq.

The work of lawyers today has much in common with the law practice of our 16th president

A Docket That Reflects Then And Now

Few lawyers today have a practice as diverse as Abraham Lincoln’s was in the years before the Civil War. But it was a caseload that still should sound familiar to…

Eloquence in One Draft

Abraham Lincoln usually went through several drafts when he prepared speeches or wrote letters for publication in newspapers.

The Common Touch at Trial

Much of Abraham Lincoln’s law practice unfolded in the 8th Judicial Circuit in central Illinois.

Training Ground for the Presidency

When Lincoln was elected president in 1860, he had less experience in public office than almost every president who had preceded him. His career in government amounted to eight years…

How Lawyers Enabled The Meltdown

And how they might have prevented it

Malpractice Minefield

5 top traps—and how to avoid them

Tax Law to the Rescue

Those big bailouts don’t really help homeowners, but there’s relief to be had from (gasp!) the IRS


Litigation won’t end the battles over depleted water resources in several regions of the United States

How I Learned to Litigate at the Movies

5 Lawyers Share Silver Screen Secrets!!!

Homing in on Foreclosure

Lawyers are finding aggressive defenses against foreclosure actions. And courts are listening as never before.

Still No Bed of Roses

Efforts to take the nastiness out of divorce proceedings haven’t reached a happy ending … yet

Plotting Against Probate

Efforts by estate planners, courts and legislatures to minimize probate haven’t killed it yet

Making the Case for Change

Recent developments are affecting how commercial cases are litigated in the federal courts

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