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Taxing Consequences

The Costs Add Up Fast for Individuals Who Fail to File or Pay

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Edward Adams Is Selected as Editor and Publisher of the ABA Journal

Finding Redemption

How Picking Up the Phone Can Change a Lawyer’s Life

Preparing for the Worst

Working Together Will Help Both Government and Private Companies to Weather Disasters

Troubled Kingdoms

As Franchises Seek to Expand Their Empires, Individual Operators Look for Ways to Protect Their Turf

Stolen Lives

Victims of Identity Theft Start Looking for Damages from Companies That Held Their Personal Financial Information

Long Road to Recovery

Victims of Hurricane Katrina Face Legal Issues at Every Turn

Feeling a Chill

Changing Government Policies Are Pressing Corporations and Attorneys to Disclose Protected Information

Taxpayer Savings Time

Tax Laws Contain Incentives to Put Money Away for Retirement and College, but Some May Disappear After 2010

Watch What You Say

Regulators Still Take Ethics Rules on Lawyer Marketing Seriously, So Practitioners Should, Too

When Home Comes to Work

Experts Say Employers Should Seek a Balanced Approach in Dealing With Workers Facing Domestic Violence

The Uncertain Science of Evidence

Some Testimony from Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials Is Having Trouble Standing Up to Tougher Scrutiny from the Courts

Say the Right Thing

From Opening Statement to Closing Argument, Persuasive Language Is the Strongest Tool You Have for Building a Successful Trial Strategy

The Med-Mal Divide

As the AMA Talks Up Damage Caps and Specialty Courts, Solving the Medical Malpractice Clash May Require Bridging the Lawyer-Doctor Culture Gap

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