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Guilty Verdict in Church Leader Trial

Updated: A Utah jury has reached a guilty verdict in the case of a controversial church leader accused of accomplice rape for using his religious influence to pressure a 14-year-old…

Trial of Millennium: Osama Bin Laden

It’s not a real trial, of course. But some of the country’s best-known lawyers are talking about how they would defend the nation’s most-wanted terrorism suspect, if they were lucky—or…

Defense Lawyers Give Terror Effort a D+

In an article that has sparked lively debate on the Internet, the ABA Journal discusses the results of a poll of 50 defense lawyers about the legal system’s response to…

Helpful Hacks

I enjoyed the “Law Hacks” feature, July, and agree wholeheartedly with most of the tips you give, especially using the GTD method. As an attorney, professor and…

Accounting for Lives

The 9/11 victim compensation fund worked. But what about the next time?

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Being Karen Mathis

Bright and early this morning, ABA Journal senior writer Terry Carter began taking us behind the scenes at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco with…

The Ultimate Question

A courthouse conversation brings a lawyer’s purpose into sharper focus

Erosion of Trust

Hawaii’s Bishop Estate: a cautionary tale of mismanagement at a charitable organization

Decline & Fall

As the golden age of consumer class actions ends, the question now is whether they have any future

You’re Fired

Those words say the same thing in any language, but their legal meaning may vary drastically from country to country

LSU Prof Lands Supreme Fellowship

Elizabeth Murrill, an assistant law professor at Louisiana State and mother of four to boot, recently learned she was chosen as a U.S. Supreme Court fellow.

The Apr 23, 2007 6:07 PM CDT

Justice Thomas’ Struggles Recounted

The nephew of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was illiterate and was in and out of jail throughout his life. When Mark Elliot Martin was convicted in 1997 of…

‘Million-Dollar Solo’ Seeks $75 Million Fee Award

Roxanne Conlin, who describes herself in the April ABA Journal, as “the most senior civil rights lawyer in Iowa” is used to seeing her small firm (she…

Conduct Uncensored in 4th Circuit’s Ruling

An “adults only” en banc opinion by a federal appeals court says a college soccer coach’s comments may violate Title IX’s ban on sexual discrimination in public schools.

The opinion…

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