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Aubrey Coleman is helping bring communities access to high-speed internet and other infrastructure

Protection Services: Meet the lawyers and staff behind the ABA’s work in children’s law

Nearly 45 years after its founding, the ABA Center on Children and the Law has evolved into a midsize nonprofit with nearly 20 staff members who promote access to justice for children and families. The center now helps manage as many as 30 grant projects each year that focus on diverse areas of children’s law, including legal representation; foster care and education; kin and relative caregivers; child, adolescent and parental health; youth engagement; and state and court initiatives.

Reflections of an Executive Director: Jack Rives says farewell

It’s said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I have certainly found that to be true. In November, I announced my decision to leave the ABA at the end of February. For several months, I have been working with our officers and senior staff to assure a good transition.

ABA Notices - February-March 2023

Vietnam vet carries combat skills and a desire to serve others into the courtroom

Randall Kinnard says he learned a lot about pressure, stress and loss during the Vietnam War. But he says he also realized he could transfer those tough lessons to the courtroom. “I elected to focus my practice on injured people and wanting to use those skills I had to help them achieve some fairness back into their life.”

ABA President Deborah Enix-Ross says she’ll focus on civics, civility and collaboration

Deborah Enix-Ross talks often about her determination to join the ABA. She became president of the ABA at the close of the annual meeting in August and spoke with the ABA Journal a few weeks later about her plans for her term.

ABA Notices - December 2022-January 2023

Lauren Champaign has big goals for BigLaw

In summer 2020, Lauren Champaign and two colleagues proposed to Foley a three-part action plan for addressing racial injustice and inequality. “We took it very seriously and talked about how it felt to be in this moment as African American lawyers and what we wanted to see changed,” Champaign says. “Sometimes people think about organizational change, and that’s something, but with our three-part action plan, we were like, ‘No, we are intelligent, corporate attorneys doing really creative things. Here is a massive problem that has gone on for centuries. We can do more than just internal work.’”

Passing the Gavel: ABA leaders spoke of hope, civility and tenacity

“We, of all professions, appreciate that though our differences may be stark, we know how to work together and resolve them. We know how to agree to disagree,” said ABA President Deborah Enix-Ross, senior adviser to the International Dispute Resolution Group at Debevoise & Plimpton. “Lawyers can model the behavior we wish to see, and the ABA has the resources and ability to embrace this role.”

ABA Notices - October-November 2022

Dealing with Dobbs: ABA responds to the overruling of Roe with 6 resolutions

“We are setting policy on which the ABA can build to assure that ordinary acts of daily life are not criminalized,” former ABA president Laurel Bellows said. “This is criminalizing talking to your friend about her options. This is criminalizing and delaying very important medical response when a woman has suffered a miscarriage or is in a threat of harm or life because the people who would need to touch her at that moment don’t need to be worried about whether they, in fact, will be subjected to criminal charges.”

Succession Planning: In retirement, Janet Goelz Hoffman supports nonprofits through pro bono and mentoring

More than 40 years ago, Janet Goelz Hoffman set out to help those who help others, building a sizable client base of nonprofit organizations before retiring as a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman. Now in the next chapter of her career, the veteran public finance attorney continues to prioritize the needs of nonprofits at Katten’s Chicago office as a senior counsel and pro bono counsel. She not only assists these clients with transactional pro bono matters, but she also is mentoring younger attorneys who are also interested in making pro bono part of their practice.

A Fresh Approach: ABA steps up efforts to advance environmental justice

As Howard Kenison prepared to chair the ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources in August 2020, he put environmental justice at the top of his list of initiatives. In particular, Kenison planned to create a task force to review and possibly revise a 1993 resolution related to environmental justice.

ABA Treasurer’s Report for Fiscal Year 2021

ABA Notices - August-September 2022

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