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Carrie Cohen opens practice of law to women around the world

Carrie Cohen credits one particular experience for changing the course of her career. She graduated from Cornell University in 1989 and decided to defer law school for a year so she could work as a paralegal at what is now Vladeck, Raskin & Clark in New York City. Learning from trailblazing labor lawyer Judith Vladeck and her daughter, Anne, had a profound impact on Cohen. “They represented unions, and then Mrs. Vladeck had a specialty representing women in employment discrimination, sexual harassment and sort of #MeToo issues before that term ever existed,” Cohen says.

As ABA president-elect nominee, Mary Smith says her North Star is member service

Mary Smith asks herself the same two questions any time she considers a new opportunity: “Am I the right person for this role?” and “Can I make a difference?” She didn’t join or become active in the ABA thinking she would one day be the association’s president. But she began to contemplate the possibility while serving as its secretary, a position she held from 2017-2020. “I believe the ABA really helps lawyers with their practice, and it helps with rule of law issues and promoting democracy and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and I care about all of those things,” Smith says.

Meet This Year’s Nominees: ABA candidates highlight positive experiences, plans for year

Ahead of the 2022 ABA Annual Meeting in August, we asked incoming leadership candidates the same four questions: What positive experiences have you had with the ABA? What would you like to accomplish during your term? What is something not a lot of other ABA members know about you? And why would you encourage other lawyers and judges to join the association?

ABA Notices - June-July 2022

‘Lucky in Life’: Emily Feinstein creates opportunities for others through pro bono and hockey

“I always say I have been so lucky in life,” Emily Feinstein says. “I was lucky that my dad married my mom, because that relationship provided me with so many opportunities that would not have otherwise been available—the ability to go to college and the belief that I was obviously going to law school. I don’t think that would have been ingrained in me. And so being able to take what I have and use it to help others has always been really important.”

Fortifying Defenses: ABA president stresses association’s mission as ‘storm clouds’ threaten rule of law

While ABA President Reginald M. Turner remains hopeful the sun is rising on the rule of law, he says “storm clouds increasingly appear on the landscape.” These clouds include forces throughout the globe “promoting lawlessness, corruption and attacks on democratic governance, threatening hard-won fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Home Security: ABA develops 10 guidelines to aid tenants and landlords dealing with evictions

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the nation’s already dire housing crisis, the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defense turned its attention to improving the experiences of people involved in the eviction process.

ABA Notices - April 2022

Matt Simpson competed in goalball at his second Paralympics in Tokyo

Matt Simpson was 10 when he attended a sports camp hosted by the United States Association of Blind Athletes in North Carolina and discovered goalball, a sport developed in 1946 to help rehabilitate World War II veterans. He has since competed at the sport’s highest level, playing on the U.S. men’s national team that won the silver medal at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro and representing the United States again at the delayed 2020 Games in Tokyo last summer.

Spirit of Excellence honorees are recognized for ‘grit and determination’

The Spirit of Excellence awards symbolize the determination of racially and ethnically diverse lawyers who have not only navigated their own path to success but paved the way for those who follow them. This year, the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession will recognize two state supreme court justices and three lawyers for their contributions at the 2022 ABA Midyear Meeting.

February-March 2022 ABA Notices

David Yamada is fighting to end workplace bullying

“We’re taught to be really good at manipulating language as lawyers, and language is the stock-in-trade of bullying and abuse,” Prof. David Yamada says. “Most of the time, it’s not about physical aggression. It’s about commissions and omissions, I guess you could say, in terms of how people treat one another.”

ABA President Reginald Turner wants his term to focus on the organization’s four goals

Learn all about the ABA’s president, Reginald Turner, including what first brought him into the profession; where he went on his first date with his wife; and the dessert that’s his daily treat.

December 2021-January 2022 ABA Notices

Judge Neil Axel uses DUI court experience to tackle traffic safety

Judge Neil Axel works with the ABA’s Judicial Outreach Liaison and Judicial Fellows Program. As one of its two judicial fellows, Axel helps educate judges nationwide on issues involving impaired driving offenses, including drug-impaired driving; evidence-based sentencing practices to reduce recidivism; and the impact of the legalization of marijuana on highway safety. He also works closely with the program’s nine regional JOLs and 22 state JOLs, all of whom provide training and support on impaired driving and other highway safety issues to courts in their areas.

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