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ABA leaders vow to fight effects of racism and COVID-19

NAPABA president Bonnie Lee Wolf’s efforts against anti-Asian discrimination draw support of ABA, other groups

“Now is a time to stand with the African American community against what has been going on for decades, centuries, to show unity and solidarity from the Asian American community,” Wolf says. “What’s encouraging is that it seems like people are listening, and we can be part of that driving force to see real action and real change.”

ABA Notices - October

Two young Native American lawyers call for action on missing and murdered indigenous women

Lauren van Schilfgaarde and Heather Torres introduced the ABA to the missing and murdered indigenous women crisis in February by first sharing the stories of those who suffered. Those stories resonated with the ABA House of Delegates.

Father-daughter duo serves together in ABA leadership

“It has taken me a lifetime to get to the House of Delegates, and now I have to answer to my daughter, who is on the Board of Governors,” says Michael Posner of Michaela Posner. “It’s pretty unique.”

How the ABA has adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic

The ABA launched its Task Force on Legal Needs Arising Out of the 2020 Pandemic on March 13 to address legal challenges facing Americans during the public health crisis and make recommendations on how to overcome those challenges.

ABA Notices - August

A love of dolphins sparked lawyer’s 30-year crusade to improve well-being of animals

James F. Gesualdi was only a year into his practice of law in 1989 when a trip to a dolphin sanctuary changed the course of his career—and his entire life. “The practice of animal law, like life itself, is all about raising consciousness,” Gesualdi says.

ABA president-elect nominee Reginald Turner seeks to fulfill lawyers’ oath

Reginald M. Turner believes that being a member of the American Bar Association is one of the most effective ways to fulfill the commitment lawyers make in their oath.

Meet the Candidates: These are the nominees for future ABA leadership positions

We asked all of the candidates for leadership positions the same five questions…

This year’s ABA Annual Meeting will take place virtually

In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the ABA Board of Governors decided in April that this year’s annual meeting will be entirely virtual.

June-July ABA Notices

ABA Treasurer’s Report for FY19

Attorney uses photography and storytelling for legal empowerment

“That is one of my main missions, to elevate and amplify the voices of poor and marginalized people and communities,” says ABA member Deborah Espinosa, who now works as a consultant for Landesa. “Not speak for them—they are not voiceless; it’s just their voices do not often have platforms.”

To increase access to justice, jurisdictions should consider rewriting regulations, ABA House says

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