Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Judge Seeks Baseball Arbitration in Church Sex Abuse Cases

A federal judge thinks an arbitration method developed in major league baseball could help resolve litigation over alleged sexual abuse within the San Diego diocese.

So-called baseball arbitration, in which…

Med Mal Creates Unlikely Safety Teams

Stereotypically, those injured or killed by medical errors and their family members sue for redress. But some victims and their relatives are banding together in partnership with representatives of the…

A Warning to Collaborators

Colorado bar ethics panel takes aim at a growing ADR practice

Mediation Way

Lawyers Opting for This Career Add Legal Skills and a Pinch of Psychology

Clause for Alarm

As Arbitration Costs Rise, In-House Counsel Turn to Mediation or a Combined Approach

Collaborative Counselors

Newest ADR Option Wins Converts, While Suffering Some Growing Pains

Listen Well
High-Lows’ Ups and Downs

Deals Taking Risks Out of Verdicts are Popular, But Some Lawyers Avoid Them

Striving For a Just Solution

Our Work to Improve the Dispute Resolution System Benefits Society and the Profession

Meddling in Settling

Pressure to Clear Caseloads Spurs Judges to Coerce Settlements, Critics Say

Litigation Over Arbitration

Courts Differ on Enforceability of Mandatory Clauses

Once More, With Healing

Ex-Law Dean Heads Center Dedicated to Alternative Approaches to Practice

Facing the Victims

Restorative Justice Program Helps Inmates Understand the Impact of Their Crimes