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Thanks to email error, those taking California bar exam now know essay question topics

When California bar exam test-takers received an email July 27, listing the topics to be covered on the upcoming state bar exam, many of them thought it was a hoax. It turns out that email, which was sent by the State Bar of California, was legitimate.

Closing Time: As Whittier Law School prepares to close, its dean tries to soften the blow for students

Closing Time: As Whittier Law School prepares to close, its dean tries to soften the blow for students

Public defender accused of working without a law license in over 100 cases

A public defender in New Orleans is under investigation for allegedly practicing law without a license in more than 100 cases.

The staff lawyer, Ashley Crawford, was pulled from cases…

Want to go to law school? This teen has some tips

In this episode of Asked and Answered with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward, teen Haley Taylor Schlitz talks about her organization plans and how she’ll be spending the summer before starting law school at Southern Methodist University this fall.

ABA approval withdrawn for Thomas Jefferson School of Law

ABA approval for Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which was placed on probation in November 2017, has been withdrawn by the council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, according to a memo posted online Monday.

Mississippi institutes rule requiring more schooling after 3 bar exam failures

The state supreme court granted a petition from the Mississippi Board of Bar Examiners that requires 12 additional semester hours of law school before making a fourth attempt on the test.

Public defender fired after judge discovers she never passed bar exam

An assistant public defender who gave advice and made “critical decisions” on about 80 cases has been fired after a judge discovered she did not have a law license.


Are law schools doing enough to help with student stress?

Few recent graduates think that their law schools made an effort to help students with school-related stress, according to a new survey from the test prep company Kaplan Bar Review.

ABA legal ed section’s council adopts tighter bar pass standard; clock for compliance starts now

Following multiple years of discussion, and two rejections from the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, the council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar adopted a proposed revision to tighten an accreditation standard regarding bar passage Friday.

ABA legal ed section’s council to reconsider stricter bar passage standard

Newly released bar-pass rates show little movement; which law schools did best?

The bar pass rate for 2016 law grads who sat for the exam within two years of graduating is 88.57%, according to ABA data released Friday. The data is for graduates of ABA-accredited law schools.

Kim Kardashian West wants to skip law school and become a lawyer this way

Media personality and socialite Kim Kardashian West hopes to follow in the footsteps of President Abraham Lincoln by skipping law school and becoming a lawyer through “reading the law.”


Father and daughter who graduated law school together await bar results

Sarah Smith credits her father and an LSAT study guide for her interest in law school.

Tim Smith was working with an LSAT study book in early 2014 when his…

Nonprofit AccessLex Institute to offer bar prep courses at reduced cost

Law firms shouldn’t overlook value of soft skills

Soft skills do not get much attention in law firms. That was my experience when I was practicing in small, medium and larger firms, and it still is the case today.

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