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Law school grad sues hotel for $100M after discovering she was secretly videotaped in shower

A law school graduate has filed a $100 million lawsuit that claims she was secretly taped with a hidden camera while taking a shower at a hotel where she was…

Lowest bar pass rate for California in 67 years; other states see drop, too

Only 40.7 percent of the people who took the California July 2018 bar exam passed, according to a state bar news release.

ABA legal ed council sends bar-passage standard back to House of Delegates

Paperwork for the ABA’s House of Delegates to again consider a proposed revision of the bar passage standard for law school accreditation has been submitted, said Barry Currier, director of…

New York state bar exam results released, pass rate has dropped

Out of 9,679 people who sat for the July 2018 New York state bar exam, 63 percent passed.

Average national Multistate Bar Exam score sinks to lowest level since ‘84

The national average for the July 2018 Multistate Bar Examination slumped to 139.5—its lowest level in 34 years, according to TaxProf Blog editor Paul Caron and Law.com.

Law grad with sleep apnea isn’t entitled to accommodation in bar admission process, court says

The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld a decision to deny bar admission to a Florida Coastal law grad who contended his sleep apnea should have been accommodated as a disability during the application process.

Does the adoption of the uniform bar exam foreshadow uniform regulation?

It seems a reasonable extrapolation to wonder whether, when, and how there will be more uniform regulation of lawyers once they have been admitted to the practice of law. Are we moving toward more national standards for attorney regulation?

Ceiling leaks pause Colorado Bar Exam

Tuesday was a watershed day for some Colorado Bar Exam test-takers.

Online tool—still in beta testing—aims for better bar study technique

Online bar review can be more effective than in-person lectures, because data from users' study time pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses, and can help design individual study schedules based on the information, says Matt Sellers, whose law school e-learning company Quimbee is currently beta testing a Uniform Bar Examination study offering that he plans to release to the public in time for the February 2019 exam.

ADA lawsuit about Florida bar examiners’ mental health requirements allowed to proceed

A federal judge in Florida has allowed a suit by a law student to go forward against the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, alleging that the board violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by requiring candidates with mental health conditions to undergo and pay for invasive procedures.

What advice do you have for someone studying for the bar exam?

School is out, and for recent law school graduates, it's bar exam season.

Studying for the bar? Put down the phone—or not

The days of attending bar review classes in person are waning, say law school deans, and recent graduates preparing for the bar now do a great deal of studying on smartphones with offerings like streamed lectures, flashcard apps and even YouTube songs devoted to thinking through statutes and case law.

Pass rate for February’s California state bar exam drops by more than 7 percentage points

Continuing a downward trend in recent years, the overall pass rate for February's California state bar exam was 27.3 percent, according to a State Bar of California press release issued Friday.

Charlotte School of Law sues ABA, arguing it was never out of compliance with bar pass rule

Updated: Following the Florida Coastal School of Law lawsuit filed against the American Bar Association last week, another InfiLaw school, the now-shuttered Charlotte School of Law, has sued the organization, arguing the ABA violated the law school's due process rights when it placed the law school on probation in November 2016.

Multistate Bar Exam average score for February drops to apparent new low

Compared to last year, there were 5 percent fewer test-takers for the February 2018 multistate bar exam, and the average score decreased from last year's 134.1 to 132.8, according to information released Wednesday by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

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