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People can change, Washington Supreme Court says regarding bar applicant with felony convictions

In explaining a ruling that allowed a law school graduate and Skadden Fellow with a criminal past and in recovery for substance abuse to sit for the state bar, the…

New bar exam data released: Pass rate up almost 3 percentage points

The aggregate first-time bar passage rate for the class of 2017 was 77.2 percent—an increase from 2016, when the first time pass rate was 74.3 percent, according to data released Thursday by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

BARBRI settles suit by blind law students who alleged bar prep materials weren’t fully accessible

BARBRI has agreed to make its online bar-review products more accessible to blind and vision-impaired students as part of a consent decree in a disability suit.

The suit settled this…

Most California ABA-accredited law schools see first-time bar pass rates rise in July 2017

Seventeen of California's 21 ABA-accredited law schools saw first-time test-taker pass rates increase for the July 2017 bar exam. Four of those 17 schools recorded first-time pass rates below 55 percent.

Safe for work: Top legal news 2017

Law-office coffee breaks come with a strong dose of law-focused chatter. In 2017, Trump administration legal initiatives were a constant source of politically charged news. But headlines that drew the most interest were largely calming water-cooler distractions.

New bar pass rate questionnaire will yield better information but create more work for law schools

There’s no bar passage data on this year’s law school consumer information reports, which came as a surprise to some. That information, with more recent numbers than in years past, is expected to be released in March 2018.

How did some law schools increase first-time pass rates by at least 10 points in 2017?

A year after offering a three-credit, graded multistate bar exam course, which includes videos created by professors that students watch before class, Campbell University School of Law saw a greater than 13-point increase in the pass rate for first-time test-takers in North Carolina in July 2017.

Questions on California bar exam line up with lawyer jobs data, study finds

The content of the California bar exam lines up with national surveys about skills expected for first-year lawyers, but a state-specific assessment would be helpful, according to a recent content…

California sees increase in pass rates for July 2017 despite denying requests to lower cut score

After the California Supreme Court's rejection of requests to lower the state bar exam cut score, the July 2017 overall pass rate slightly increased.

Law grad with criminal record can sit for state bar, Washington Supreme Court rules

After a Thursday hearing with many questions centered on the substance abuse recovery of Tarra Simmons—a 2017 law school graduate who also has an addiction history, as well as prior theft and drug possession convictions—the Washington Supreme Court ruled that she can sit for the state bar.

Texas law school serving at-risk students achieves 59% bar pass rate

The University of North Texas Dallas College of Law, which opened in 2014 to help students with lower admission credentials gain law licenses, had a 59.3 percent pass rate for the July 2017 Texas bar exam, its first graduating class.

New York State Bar exam sees slight pass rate increase for July 2017

The overall pass rate for the July 2017 New York State Bar exam was 68 percent, the New York State Board of Examiners announced Tuesday.

Cut score for California state bar exam to stay at 1440—for now

The California Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it will not be adjusting the state bar cut score, which is 1440.

California bar brief pokes holes in some arguments for a lower bar exam cut score

Amidst arguments that lowering the California bar exam cut score may help diversity in the profession, increase lawyer access for moderate-income residents and have no influence on attorney misconduct findings, the State Bar of California filed a data-heavy brief with the California Supreme Court taking the position that there’s scant evidence for the majority of those claims.

California bar board of trustees sends state supreme court 3 options for bar exam cut score

Rather than suggest to the California Supreme Court that it should or shouldn’t lower its bar exam cut score, which is currently 1440, the State Bar of California's Board of Trustees voted Wednesday in favor of providing the court with three possibilities--keep the score where it is, lower the score to 1414 or lower it to 1390.

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