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Around the Blawgosphere: Profs on Economic Realities; Can We Have ‘Authentic Conversations’ Online?

Profs’ Blogging Symposium

This week, Legal Ethics Forum hosted the “LEF Symposium on Legal Education’s Response to the Economic Realities Facing the Profession.” It was conducted…

Around the Blawgosphere: What’s Wrong with CLE; Wedding at SCOTUS; Do You Dress Like a ‘Real Man’?

How Lawyers Ruin CLE

Have you been to a good CLE course lately? If not, why do you think that is? Ernie Svenson, a New Orleans-based lawyer who stopped practicing…

Around the Blawgosphere: Takes on Apple’s iBook Author; Volunteer Job Requiring 5 Years Experience?

Launch’s Legal Fallout

A big tech story this week was the Apple’s launch of iBooks Author, a free tool allowing users to create textbooks, which the company says will “

Around the Blawgosphere: Does Lawyer Who Offered Groupon Have Regrets?; Digital Death Plans

A Groupon Pioneer Looks Back

On Jan. 19, 2011, when An ethics subcommittee of the North Carolina State Bar was deciding whether a lawyer in the state could ethically offer…

Around the Blawgosphere: Victorious Lawyers in Heller Case Got Chump Change, Bloggers Say

Reeling over Fees Decision

In 2008, small-firm lawyer Alan Gura prevailed at the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, which…

Around the Blawgosphere: Criminal Lawyers, Illustrated; Juvenile Clients—and Their Mothers

Drawn Out Posts

New York City solo Nathaniel Burney laments at the Criminal Lawyer that he hasn’t done a lot of substantive posting since being named to…

Around the Blawgosphere: Emailing the Big House; Firing a Pro Bono Client; Corporate Boards in 2012

Please contact me at [email protected]

New York Times Dealbook blogger Peter Lattman recently reached out to convicted hedge fund trader Michael A. Kimelman and received this autoreply:


Around the Blawgosphere: Law Bloggers’ Faves from our Annual List; Is Siri the New Google?

What the Legal Bloggers Click On

While we always note which blawgs in the Blawg 100 generated the most votes from readers, we’re also certainly interested in which ones are…

Around the Blawgosphere: Journalists, Watch Your Language, Prof Says; ‘Groupons’ for Lawyers?

Reporting on Sex Abuse Cases

At The Crime Report, ex-prosecutor and adjunct prof Wendy Murphy writes that the language used in media coverage of the Penn…

Around the Blawgosphere: BigLaw, Small-Firm Symbiosis; Living Wills for the Living Dead?

On Rejection and BigLaw’s Rejected Cases

Matt Brown, who practices criminal defense at a two-lawyer firm in Tempe, Ariz., put up a post Monday at Tempe…

Around the Blawgosphere: New Bitter Lawyer Web Series About Document Reviewers

The Gunners, the Dreamers and Me

Those who mourned the end of Living the Dream—a 12-episode Web series created by lawyer-turned-TV writer Rick…

Around the Blawgosphere: Above the Law’s ‘Contrarian’ Writer; Blogging Under the Marketing Influence

Changing of the Guard

This week, Above the Law introduced The Practice, a small-firms column by Miami criminal defense lawyer Nov 4, 2011 1:49 PM CDT

Around the Blawgosphere: Lawyer Bloggers and Disclaimers; The ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ in Practice

Legal Blogging v. Advertising

Late last week, the Virginia State Bar ruled that Richmond, Va., lawyer Horace Hunter, who posts at Richmond Criminal Defense News,…

Around the Blawgosphere: Smartphones and Dumb Moves; Axiom, Clearspire Big Competition for Solos?

What Firms Compete Best with Solos?

At My Shingle, Washington, D.C., solo Carolyn Elefant says that she knows where she stands when she’s competing with the Am…

Around the Blawgosphere: How Will Bloomberg Law’s Sponsorship Change SCOTUSblog?

SCOTUSblog Now Brought to You By …

One week before the U.S. Supreme Court’s first Monday, SCOTUSblog launched a redesigned site. Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites

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