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Around the Blawgosphere: Blog Seeks Out Humor in Outrage, Smugness on Web After Health Care Ruling


“Patrick” from the blog Popehat announced an informal contest on Thursday morning, before the U.S. Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act ruling came…

Around the Blawgosphere: Crowdsourcing Performance Evaluations? Pros and Cons of ‘Client Contact’

Perfecting Performance Reviews

At The Delaware Employment Law Blog, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor associate Molly DiBianca noted an HBR…

Around the Blawgosphere: How Law Schools Can Make It Easier for Firms to Hire Students as Clerks

Help Lawyers Help Students

At Small Firm Innovation, Washington, D.C., solo Carolyn Elefant writes that she’d love to hire some local law students to clerk for…

Around the Blawgosphere: Nix ‘Here-and-There Words’; Has Blogging Changed Corporate Law Practice?

While Heretofore You May Have Used These Words—Really, You Should Stop

Last year, U.S. Bank attorney Andy Mergendahl meditated on the work of Black’s Law Dictionary editor-in-chief Bryan Garner and…

Around the Blawgosphere: Bloggers Weigh in on LegalZoom IPO Filing; Vote for Best Law Firm Website

The Other Big IPO

Today, Facebook makes its historic market debut. But many lawyer-bloggers are talking about a different initial public offering: Last Friday, Web-based legal services provider LegalZoom filed…

Around the Blawgosphere: Why Can’t We Deduct Student Loan Interest from Taxes?; 10-Year Blawggers

Home? Schooling?

Philadelphia lawyer Kelly Phillips Erb has already disclosed to her blawg’s readers that she has substantial student loan debt. This week at

Around the Blawgosphere: Bloggers Sound Off on New 50-Hour Pro Bono Prerequisite for NY Law License

Lawyer-bloggers had a lot to say about New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s Law Day announcement that would-be…

Around the Blawgosphere: Lawyer Runs Down Stolen Phone; Bankruptcy Judge Notes ‘Epic Fail’

The Force Was with Him

Three teens swiping cellphones in San Francisco picked the wrong target last week. They also targeted the wrong device, solo David Newdorf

Around the Blawgosphere: Suit Against Avvo Dismissed; Ex-Associate Starts Book on Cross-Country Walk

Was NYLS Suit Dismissal a Win for Law Schools?

At Balkinization, Washington University law professor Brian Tamanaha (whose book Failing Law Schools comes out…

Around the Blawgosphere: Prof Crunches Law Schools’ Employment Numbers; Do Web Startups Offer Value?

Rank Misrepresentations

At The Faculty Lounge, University of North Carolina law school professor Bernie Burk decided to seek out information on law school websites to see…

Around the Blawgosphere: Favorite Android Apps for Lawyers; How One Law Blogger Remembered Pi Digits

Android’s Turn

Attorney at Work’s Joan Feldman knows that despite all the hoopla surrounding the launch of the latest Apple, some lawyers prefer Android-powered devices. She…

Around the Blawgosphere: Blogger Running for Texas High Court; The New iPad; ‘The Solo Tax’

Judge Not

Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett announced Sunday at Defending People that he is running for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7 on the…

Around the Blawgosphere: Pinterest Business Card Fishbowl; Legal Foundation of ‘Downton Abbey’

Pin and Win

Carolyn Elefant—Washington, D.C., solo and Pinterest member—has invited My Shingle readers to ” ‘drop’ your business card into the Mar 2, 2012 2:30 PM CST

Around the Blawgosphere: A Stephen Colbert Hypo; Bloggers Pay Last Respects to One of Their Own

A Key Employee

Chicago lawyer Jeff Nowak used Stephen Colbert’s recent absence from taping his Comedy Central program, The Colbert Report, to explain “a little-used, often forgotten rule under the…

Around the Blawgosphere: Scott Greenfield Pulls the Plug on His Law Blog, Simple Justice

There’s a spot available in next year’s Blawg 100: Early Monday morning, New York City criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield put a post up on

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