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Around the Blawgosphere: ‘Hangover II’ Tattoo May Be Altered on DVD; Weiner’s Behavior Harassment?

Tattoo in ‘Hangover II’ May Be Altered on DVD

The Hollywood Reporter blawg Hollywood, Esq. reported exclusively this week that Warner Bros. has told a Missouri judge…

Around the Blawgosphere: yFrog Flaw Behind ‘Weinergate’?; Han Solo Practice; Marler’s Yard Birds

Hacking into yFrog

We’ve all heard the story: New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account posted a photo of “a man’s bulging underpants” over Memorial Day weekend; Weiner says that…

Around the Blawgosphere: Seeking Fictional Lawyers; UK Blawgs Soar; Strauss-Kahn and Hotel Security

Fictional Lawyer Smackdown

Above the Law is looking for nominees as it attempts to create a March Madness-style bracket of 32 fictional lawyers, and determine, by…

Around the Blawgosphere: How Firms Boost Their Bills; Blogger Service Breakdown; Tracking Laterals

Bill, Baby, Bill

Daniel Fisher writes at the Forbes blog Full Disclosure about ways that law firms inflate their legal bills. A slideshow of nine…

Around the Blawgosphere: Hacking Osama Bin Laden; Case Western Scholarship Shift

Bin Laden’s Encryption

Sharon Nelson, president of Sensei Enterprises, wondered at a Ride the Lightning post Tuesday whether the U.S. will be able to break Osama…

Around the Blawgosphere: Ex-Gov. Crist’s PI TV Ad; Brewing Instead of Suing; Blogging on an iPad

Governor-Turned-P.I. Lawyer’s TV Ad

Charlie Crist, who ended his term as Florida’s governor in January, has since joined Florida personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan. At May 6, 2011 1:30 PM CDT

Around the Blawgosphere: ‘Bad Lawyer’ Returns; Quips on the Royal Wedding

Bad Lawyer Is Back

The anonymous blogger Bad Lawyer is posting again—after a five-month stint in federal prison. “My professional conduct deviated from the standards of the…

Around the Blawgosphere: Amazon Cloud Crash, Content Marketing, What the Law Prof Ate for Breakfast

Shaken Confidence in the Cloud

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, which hosts a number of Web operations, crashed at 4:41 p.m. ET on Thursday, which affected some legal blogs.

“Amazon Cloud…

Around the Blawgosphere: Lawyerist Bringing Bitter Lawyer Back from the Dead

Lawyerist announced yesterday that it has acquired Bitter Lawyer, a humor law blog started by TV writer and producer Rick Eid that stopped updating in…

Around the Blawgosphere: Joseph Rakofsky Sound Off; Client Poachers; and the End of Blawg Review?

Updated: If anything had the legal blogosphere going this week, it was Joseph Rakofsky, a relatively recent law grad whose poor trial performance as defense counsel in…

Around the Blawgosphere

Brian Tannebaum shares a key tenet of his client intake philosophy at My Law License: Never be the second lawyer. “The majority of people who have…