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Best Interests

Forge Stronger Ties With Higher Ups by Sharing a Hobby–or Chats About It

Ambition Uncorked

Above the Trees looks at leaders and industries outside the law. It lets you draw analogies to how you run your business, how you deal with your clients and how you face your own challenges.

A Matter of Circumstance

These Lawyers Found Their Own Answers to the Question of Whether to Specialize

A Man for All Seasons

To Fit Everything In, This Overscheduled Attorney Must First Find Balance

Some Judges are Watching

After spending 11 years as a federal district judge in Texas, Royal Furgeson retains a visceral memory of how it felt to practice law.

“Near the end of my law…

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day

Are You Experienced?

Pre-J.D. Careers Helped These Associates Find Jobs, Fit In

Demanding Diversity

Corporate Pressure Is Changing the Racial Mix at Some Law Firms

Through the Doors

As Supreme Court Arguments Grow More Contentious, Lawyers Find Their Way to Georgetown’s Moot Court for More Practice

What Not to Wear

There’s an Easy Fix for Even the Worst Fashion Faux Pas

Intelligent Competition

Law Firms Use Public Data to Find Behind the Scenes Truths

2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7

Top Billers’ Tactics Include Trolling for Work, Calling Clients While Commuting

Law & Marriage

Like a Horse and Carriage, They Go Together

Thank You and Goodbye

Mandatory Retirement Policies Cut Careers Short, But Proponents Say It’s for the Best

Leave ’Em, But Love ’Em

Keep the Door to Your Career Open by Not Slamming it on the Way Out of the Firm

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