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Civil Rights

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April 20, 1971

School Busing Gets the Green Light

March 22, 1972

Senate Approves Equal Rights Amendment

High Court Holds a ’60s Revival

Warren era comes to life in cases on student signs and standing to sue


What You’ll be Talking About in 2007

The Best Route

ABA Conference Considers Options for Countries Seeking Transitional Justice

Ever True to Brown?

Two Public School Cases Raise the Legacy of the Famed Desegregation Ruling

The Rites Wrangle

Same Sex Marriage Advocates Vow to Fight On, Despite a Summer of Rulings Against Their Cause

One World, One Profession

Shared Principles of Independent Judiciary, Access to Justice Bind Lawyers of the World

A Beacon of Justice

The ABA Continues to Explore and Develop Procedures to Strengthen the Jury System

Minority Opinion

Speakers Say Constitutional Law Hasn’t Always Fostered Equality

A False Choice

The American People Should Not Be Forced to Choose Between Freedom and Security

New Fight for Voting Rights

Up for Renewal, the Landmark Voting Rights Act Faces New Challenges and New Sources of Opposition

Again, It’s Abortion

New High Court Hears a Decades-Old Issue, May Decide How Settled It Really Is

40-Year Plan

Panelists Debate What a Reauthorized Voting Rights Act Should Look Like

Same-Sex Benefit Bind

Federal Laws Can Complicate Corporate Efforts to Equalize Coverage

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