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The role of counsel in preserving and protecting a closely held business

Many lawyers, accountants and business consultants advise closely held and family businesses. A critical time for these counselors occurs when the founder and sole owner starts to consider the role…

Afternoon Briefs: Madonna sued over late start time of concert; unusual bar ceremony goes viral

Fan sues Madonna for pushing back start time of her concert

A Florida man who spent more than $1,000 on three tickets to see singer Madonna in concert at her…

Agreement to destroy frozen embryos upon divorce is enforceable, top state court rules

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that an agreement to destroy frozen embryos upon divorce is a contract that can be enforced by one of the parties.

Afternoon Briefs: Judge bans trick-or-treat warning signs; Johnny Depp settles fee dispute

Federal judge sides with sex offenders in battle over trick-or-treat warning signs

A federal judge in Macon, Georgia, has granted a request by three sex offenders to stop a county…

Venture capital firm sues its former general counsel, once a child actress on ‘The Wonder Years’

A lawyer who portrayed Becky Slater on The Wonder Years, a TV show than ran from 1988 to 1993, is facing a lawsuit of more than $1 million stemming from her work as a general counsel for a venture capital firm.

Afternoon Briefs: New win for flag burner in SCOTUS case; Johnson & Johnson seeks mistrial for stricken closing

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Lawyers can be sued for allegedly violating confidentiality deal in Monster Energy suit

A lawyer who sued Monster Energy in the cardiac death of a teenager can be sued for allegedly violating a confidentiality clause that was part of the case settlement, the…

Afternoon Briefs: China forces tourists to download surveillance app; House Dems sue IRS for Trump’s taxes

House Democrats filed a federal lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department after months of requesting President Donald Trump’s tax returns. The lawsuit accuses the Trump administration…

Lawyers, songs and money: Music that changed the law

Some songs or albums move the law. A band or artist will be involved in a lawsuit so groundbreaking and important that it will set a precedent, either enshrined in law or otherwise binding future generations.

Judge orders transfer of gorilla from sanctuary to zoo; bacterial infection could aggravate trip

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered that Ndume the gorilla be transferred from a California sanctuary to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden this week amid a dispute…

Federal contract filings are on a decadelong decline, new report finds

Federal contracts case filings have been in decline since the Great Recession, according to a new report from Lex Machina, a legal analytics company. Released Tuesday, the Contracts Litigation Report analyzed 146,000 federal district court contracts cases between 2009 and 2018.

ACLU suit says bail bond industry is a RICO enterprise, bounty hunters traumatized family

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking on the bail bond industry in a suit filed after bounty hunters stormed a Montana home at gunpoint to apprehend a man who…

Ernst & Young entity acquires Thomson Reuters’ business; should law firms worry?

EY, the corporate entity that includes the Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young, has announced an agreement to buy the legal managed services business Pangea3 from Thomson Reuters.

Lawyer accused of groping two employees can’t force suits into arbitration, appeals court rules

A Michigan personal injury lawyer accused of groping a receptionist and a paralegal can’t compel arbitration of their harassment lawsuits, a Michigan appeals court has ruled.

The mandatory arbitration agreement…

Traumatized crime and courts reporter entitled to damages, Australian court says

An Australian court has awarded about $127,000 in U.S. currency ($180,000 in Australian currency) to a former journalist for a Melbourne newspaper for the psychological injury she suffered while covering…

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