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Sharing isn’t caring when small businesses skirt civil rights laws

If courts agree that businesses in the “sharing economy” are technology companies rather than sellers of services—and can invoke arbitration clauses in their terms of service—users of those businesses may have no recourse against civil rights violations.

Can United order passenger ouster? Check out its contract of carriage and federal compensation caps
United Airlines is taking a lot of heat after a video showed a recalcitrant passenger who was bumped from a flight on Sunday being dragged down the aisle of a plane in Chicago.
Blockchain technology can provide lawyers with an authentic, secure ledger
A crash course in blockchain at ABA Techshow started Friday with Oliver Goodenough instructing participants to repeat after him its more useful generic description, "distributed ledger technology."
JPMorgan Chase uses tech to save 360,000 hours of annual work by lawyers and loan officers

JPMorgan Chase has found a way to save on legal spending.

The bank is using new software called “COIN”—short for Contract Intelligence—to review commercial loan agreements, according to Bloomberg…

Suit claims legal funding firm misled 9/11 responders, retired NFL players about its cash advances

A company that provides advances to people expecting settlement money misrepresented the terms of its deals to Sept. 11 responders and professional football players with Alzheimer’s disease, a lawsuit alleges.

Trump’s golf club must pay $5.7M to locked-out members, judge rules

Members of a Florida golf club who claimed they were barred from using the facility after Donald Trump purchased it in 2012 are entitled to return of their money, a…

Arbitrator tosses fired bar executive’s claim against former California bar president

An arbitrator has tossed the last claim against former California State Bar President Craig Holden in an action filed by the bar’s fired executive director, Joe Dunn.

Dunn had alleged…

Paul McCartney suit seeks to regain copyright interest in early songs

Paul McCartney is seeking a declaratory judgment that he is entitled to reclaim copyright interest in his early songs under termination provisions of the Copyright Act.

McCartney filed the

Former House Speaker Hastert seeks repayment of hush money

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert contends he has no obligation to pay another $1.8 million in hush money to a man who accused Hastert of sexually abusing him as…

Lawyer’s rewrite simplifies Instagram’s terms of use

Instagram’s terms of use run more than 5,000 words and encompass at least seven printed pages. They are written at a postgraduate level, though the photo-sharing site is a popular…

Dads sue over teens’ expulsion for alleged racist texts

The fathers of two white Catholic high school students in Chicago filed a lawsuit on Monday over the teens’ expulsion for allegedly sending racist texts.

The suit, which does…

In bid to protect online reviews, Congress OKs bill banning gag clauses in consumer contracts

Congress has passed a bipartisan bill that aims to protect negative online reviews by banning nondisparagement clauses in nonnegotiable consumer contracts.

The bill is called the Consumer Review Fairness Act,…

These law firms get the most business from large companies in five areas of litigation

The nation’s largest companies spread their work around to a mix of law firms, according to an analysis of court filings and public documents.

Corporate Counsel (sub. req.) did…

10 Questions: ‘Sledgehammer Shannon’ defends workers in sharing economy

Nicknamed “Sledgehammer Shannon,” this Boston lawyer doesn’t take on cases; she takes on industries. Click here to register for 10 Questions Live with Shannon Liss-Riordan today at 2 p.m. ET.

Spurned recruiter sues BigLaw partner who used competitor; was recorded phone call a contract?

A legal recruiting firm in Dallas claims a recorded phone call will show a law firm partner agreed to work with the company exclusively if he pursued an opportunity at…

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