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A small claims program for copyright violations? It’s an idea the ABA supports

The ABA supports legislation that would create a new copyright small claims program within the U.S. Copyright Office to adjudicate copyright small claims more efficiently and economically than federal courts, according to a resolution passed overwhelmingly by the House of Delegates on Monday at the annual meeting in San Francisco.

Afternoon Briefs: Rappers awarded $2.8M over Katy Perry song; lawyer killed outside courthouse by pickup truck

Federal jurors in Los Angeles have awarded $2.78 million to Christian rap artists in a copyright suit against Katy Perry and others. The suit claimed that a repetitive…

3rd Circuit rules maker of banana costume is entitled to ‘fruits of its intellectual labor’

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the maker of a full-body banana costume was entitled to an injunction against a rival company that made a look-alike garment.

Afternoon Briefs: Bail reform ‘as big as Brown v. Board of Education;’ how some rich kids get college aid

Commissioners in Harris County, Texas, have agreed to reform a cash bail system that had kept many indigent misdemeanor defendants in jail pending trial. A federal appeals court

Knife-wielding man is shot outside LA courthouse amid infringement case against Katy Perry

A courthouse security officer shot and wounded a man wielding a knife outside the federal courthouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday as testimony continued in a trial that contends that…

Judge sanctions controversial copyright lawyer, notes ‘growing body of law’ on when to punish him

A federal judge in New York has ordered a litigious copyright lawyer to pay attorney fees of $8,745 as a sanction for failing to comply with orders for a court…

Afternoon Briefs: 4th Circuit tosses emoluments suit; health insurance mandate on shaky ground

A federal appeals court has tossed a case contending that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution’s ban on presidents accepting emoluments from foreign states. The 4th U.S.…

Afternoon Briefs: Bar associations battle over trademark; New Jersey judge rebuked over rape case

Even though the Association of Trial Lawyers of America changed its name to the American Association for Justice in 2006, the Washington, D.C.-based bar association is suing the California-based…

Lawyers, songs and money: Music that changed the law

Some songs or albums move the law. A band or artist will be involved in a lawsuit so groundbreaking and important that it will set a precedent, either enshrined in law or otherwise binding future generations.

SCOTUS agrees to decide whether annotated state laws can be copyrighted

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether annotations of the Georgia state code can be copyrighted.

The court agreed to decide Georgia’s appeal in its suit for…

Lawyer who pleaded guilty in ‘wrecking ball’ scheme to sue porn downloaders gets prison sentence

A federal judge in Minneapolis scolded a suspended lawyer for his abuse of trust as she sentenced him Friday to 14 years in prison for a scheme to sue porn…

Pirating files not so bad, with one exception, according to survey of Harvard LLM students

Researchers who surveyed students in Harvard Law School’s LLM program on the ethics of file sharing have concluded that lawyers generally perceive the practice as ethically acceptable.

Dentist may pursue infringement case over cribbed before-and-after smile photos, 11th Circuit says

Copyright Law

After ‘aloha’ restaurant dispute, Hawaii pushes to protect cultural intellectual property

“Aloha” means hello and goodbye and signifies love, compassion and kindness. Since last year, the Hawaiian word also has been legally connected to poke, a bowl of diced raw fish.

Now in the court of a-peels: A copyright dispute over a banana costume

If you search the internet for banana quotes, you’ll find this one, reportedly uttered by Microsoft founder Bill Gates: “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.”


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