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Proposed EU regulation to modernize copyright laws generates controversy, heated opposition

The European Parliament is preparing to vote on a new copyright directive that will clamp down on online copyright infringement and harmonize laws across its 28 member states, according to proponents. But many think the directive will chill free speech.

In dueling suits, Kanye West alleges contract ‘servitude,’ while music publisher claims deal breach

Music publisher EMI has sued Kanye West for alleged breach of contract after the rapper filed his own suit referring to the expansive deal as “servitude” and asserting that it could bar his retirement.

Prominent 1970s musicians sue music companies for copyright infringement

A group of well-known 1970s musicians filed a pair of proposed class action lawsuits Tuesday, accusing Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and UMG Recordings Inc. of violating a provision of copyright…

‘Fair use’ doctrine should be consistent and protect copyright owners, ABA House says

The ABA House of Delegates on Monday approved a resolution encouraging courts to take a consistent approach to the "fair use" doctrine, a defense to copyright infringement that permits use of copyrighted works for free without obtaining a license or permission in appropriate circumstances.

‘Fresh Prince’ actor, rapper and dancer sue makers of video game over popular dance moves

Updated: Actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the ’90s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, dancer Backpack Kid and rapper 2 Milly are suing the makers of…

Who owns the copyright to a crocheted bikini? Legal battle waged by Kiini maker takes a turn

The woman who took the fashion world by storm with a crocheted bikini called the Kiini fought retailers that sold different versions of the swimwear with lawsuits. She reportedly had $9 million in sales by 2015.

Robert Frost poem and other 1923 works enter the public domain

As of Jan. 1, you are able reproduce the Robert Frost poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening without fear of copyright infringement.

Ruling on dental photographs takes a bite out of copyright protections

A U.S. district judge in Florida ruled in June that a dentist’s before-and-after photos didn’t contain enough of a “creative spark” to merit protection. Some lawyers worry the decision, which is being appealed, could have detrimental effects on other images used in advertising.

Can recording artists stop Trump from playing their music at rallies? Legal theories are untested

Rihanna and Pharrell Williams are among the recording artists who have objected to President Donald Trump using their songs at rallies. Can they stop the music?

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Fastcase can bring copyright suit against Casemaker, 11th Circuit rules

Legal research company Fastcase can bring a suit against rival company Casemaker regarding the latter’s claims of control over Georgia’s administrative regulations, ruled the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of…

ABA amicus brief urges Supreme Court to use stricter standard on copyright registration

The American Bar Association has filed an amicus brief arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court should find copyrights are established at the earliest opportunity.

9th Circuit rules that sharing IP address is insufficient for copyright infringement

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a bare internet protocol address is not enough to bring a copyright infringement claim, affirming the…

Pre-1972 recordings are governed by older copyright law even if remastered, 9th Circuit says

Copyrights of older songs cannot be extended by digital remastering, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

The Hollywood Reporter and the National Law…

Suspended Prenda lawyer pleads guilty in scheme to sue porn downloaders

A former lawyer for Prenda Law has pleaded guilty in a scheme to upload pornography to file sharing websites and then threaten to sue people who downloaded the material for…

Prince’s estate files lawsuit over cybersquatting of prince.com

The estate of the late recording artist and actor Prince is suing an Englewood, New Jersey-based domain broker for cybersquatting the prince.com website.

Filed last Wednesday in the U.S. District…

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