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Top 4 unexpected culture killers for post-COVID-19 hybrid work

While individual schedules will vary, on any given day, firms will have a segment of their team in the office, and another segment dispersed. After more than a full year of working remotely, this will be yet another disruption for law firms to endure.

Magistrate judge suspended after he reacts to COVID-19 safety plan with ‘disruptive behavior’

A magistrate judge in South Carolina will have to serve a six-month suspension and complete anger management training for reacting to a COVID-19 safety plan with “disruptive behavior.”

The magistrate…

Judge keeps federal eviction moratorium in place after SCOTUS partly blocks New York’s

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled a day after the U.S. Supreme Court partly blocked part of New York’s eviction moratorium.

Judges in this state are requiring probationers to get vaccinated

At least two judges in Ohio have required defendants to get vaccinated as a condition of probation.

Index of law firm profitability jumps to record high after unusual pandemic year

An index that measures the profitability of large law firms reached record highs in the second quarter, bolstered by big jumps from an unusual 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some Texas courts agree to courthouse mask mandates despite governor’s contrary order

Courts in at least four counties in Texas will require masks in courthouses despite an executive order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that bans mask mandates.

When creating return-to-work policies, consider groups hardest-hit by pandemic

The House of Delegates passed two resolutions that focus on returning to the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic at the 2021 ABA Hybrid Annual Meeting on Monday.

Student loan forbearance extended again as nominations sought for rule-making committee on discharges and forgiveness

On Friday, two significant student loan announcements came from the U.S. Department of Education—it has made a final pause on repayments, extending the time period from September to the end of January 2022, and it’s seeking nominations for a rule-making committee that will rewrite student loan regulations.

Technical problems again plague remote bar examinees, who blame software provider

Following various technical issues candidates faced with the remote October 2020 bar exam, the July 2021 online administration had problems as well, according to some test-takers. They reject software provider ExamSoft’s assertion that the complications were related to hardware.

This law school had the widest gap between student debt and graduate earnings

Students at many higher-education schools are facing an unhappy truth: Their student debt dwarfs their salaries two years after graduation.

ACLU intends to pursue suit after Biden administration continues expelling those arriving illegally

Plaintiffs who challenged a Trump administration policy to expel people entering the country illegally have said they plan to continue pursuing their lawsuit after reaching an impasse in negotiations with the Biden administration.

ABA Hybrid Annual Meeting convenes members online and in Chicago

The American Bar Association is hosting its first-ever hybrid annual meeting, which will bring together members for both virtual and in-person events in Chicago this week.

7th Circuit sees no constitutional problem with Indiana University’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements

A federal appeals court has rejected an injunction request by eight Indiana University students who claim that COVID-19 vaccine requirements violate their 14th Amendment right to “personal autonomy” and “bodily integrity.”

Cases challenging expired COVID-19 church restrictions fail in Supreme Court and 8th Circuit

A Maine church and Christian residents of a county in Missouri have failed in their lawsuits challenging COVID-19 restrictions that have since been lifted.

These BigLaw firms plan to mandate vaccines; 2 will deactivate building IDs for noncompliance

Updated: Several BigLaw firms plan to require coronavirus vaccines for those returning to the office, including two firms with a get-tough policy for noncompliance.

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