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A Painful Way to Die?

Once Called Humane, Lethal Injection Is Now Claimed To Be Cruel and Unusual

A Matter Over Mind

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Review the Insanity Defense, an Issue That Has Confounded Courts, Psychiatrists and Lawyers

Wake The @#*% Up!

Malevolent Midnight Message Jars Judge Who Holds “Drunk-Dialing” Duo in Contempt

Stolen Lives

Victims of Identity Theft Start Looking for Damages from Companies That Held Their Personal Financial Information

A Parent in Prison

States Slowly Beginning to Help Inmates’ Children and Advocates Say its Overdue

Open-Booker Test

In Bids for Resentencing, White-Collar Criminals Want Review of Loss Figures

Course Competition

Pistol-Packing Player Points Piece at Dawdling Duo. Is That a One-Stroke Penalty or Two?

Churning up the Jury Pool

Massachusetts Case Renews Debate About Minority Representation on Federal Juries

Flying Under the Radar

These Little-Notices Legal Developments Could be Making News This Year

Evidence and Doubt

High Court Will Weigh Those Issues in Capital and Search Cases This Term

Battle of the Expert

A Forensic Pathologist Successfully Fights Criminal Charges Stemming From His Testimony in a Shaken Baby Case

Hand It Over

Ethics Duties Conflict When Lawyers Receive Evidence From Clients in Criminal Cases

A Helping of Healing

It’s probably safe to say that most people would recoil at the suggestion that they spend time with hardened criminals and the families of their victims. Not Janine Geske. A…

Inching Away From Death?

Ineffective-Assistance Rulings Show High Court Wary of Lawyering in Capital Cases

Road Runner

Fleet-Footed Fowl Finds Freeway, While Owners End Up Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

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