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Supreme Court will decide criminal cases involving co-defendant’s statement, improper venue

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to decide two cases involving criminal defendants and their rights under the Sixth Amendment.

UChicago Medicine partners with legal aid lawyers to offer legal help to victims of violence

The University of Chicago Medicine is working with Legal Aid Chicago to embed lawyers at the system’s trauma center in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood to help victims of violence.

FTX founder faces criminal and civil charges for alleged $1.8B fraud at FTX Trading

The founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX is facing criminal and civil securities charges in connection with an alleged $1.8 billion fraud for touting FTX Trading as a safe platform for crypto asset trading while diverting investor money to his privately held hedge fund.

Supreme Court will consider ban on encouraging illegal immigration in case of ‘adult adoption’ promoter

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to consider the constitutionality of a law making it a crime to encourage or induce illegal immigration for commercial advantage or private financial gain.

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Weekly Briefs: Same-sex marriage bill sent to Biden; lawyer pleads guilty after swinging belt caught on video

Bill protecting gay marriage is sent to Biden

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a marriage equality bill Thursday that requires states and the federal government to recognize same-sex…

Court reinstates progressive prosecutor to case after dissatisfied judge orders ouster of entire office

Virginia’s top court has reinstated a progressive prosecutor to a burglary case following the ouster of her entire office from the matter by a judge dissatisfied with a plea deal.

Slain lawyer was shot and his law office set on fire; divorce client was wife of suspect

A lawyer who practiced family law in Lawrenceville, Georgia, was found dead with gunshot wounds Wednesday by emergency personnel responding to a fire at his office.

Suspended lawyer can’t reveal what happened to missing wife of former client, appeals court says

An Illinois appeals court has upheld a gag order preventing suspended lawyer Joel A. Brodsky from revealing what happened to the missing fourth wife of a former client.

Did CFO of Trump Organization act ‘in behalf of’ company? Fraud conviction appeal will focus on issue

The Trump Organization’s appeal of its tax fraud conviction will partly focus on whether the actions of the chief financial officer were made “in behalf of” the company, according to one of the defense lawyers.

Judge observes that suspect in antisemitic attack ‘has removed his pants to show the court his backside’

A suspect charged with ethnic intimidation for yelling slurs outside a historic Michigan synagogue showed his disdain for the judge in an unrelated case during an online hearing Tuesday.

Trump Organization found guilty of tax fraud; maximum penalty is no more than ‘a rounding error’

Jurors in Manhattan, New York City, convicted the Trump Organization of tax fraud Tuesday following a trial that focused on lavish corporate perks to executives that weren’t reported as income.

Federal appeals court considers whether driver has right to livestream traffic stop on Facebook

A federal appeals court is considering whether a Black man who says he broadcasts his interactions with police for his protection had the right to livestream a traffic stop on Facebook.

As underrepresentation of Asian American lawyers in top jobs continues, more are speaking out, new study finds

Out of 2,396 elected prosecutors in the United States, eight identified as Asian American, according to a new study sponsored by the American Bar Foundation and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

‘The Vanished’ and the need for closure

“‘The Vanished’ attempts to take a different approach to your standard cold case concept. Instead of focusing on ‘newsworthy’ stories of missing persons, the goal is to spotlight individuals whose stories don’t appear on major platforms and outlets.”

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