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Report: College Concealed Murder, Violating Federal Law

Officials at Eastern Michigan University apparently suspected all along that Laura Dickinson was murdered. And there was good reason to do so.

The body of the 22-year-old student was found,…

Court Watchers Predict a Roberts School Opinion

Supreme Court watchers are looking at the numbers to predict that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. will write a 5-4 majority decision striking down school admission plans in Louisville…

No Right to Bear Cell Phones

A New York judge has upheld a ban on cell phones at public schools.

Judge Lewis Bart Stone said the ban was reasonable and did not violate the Constitution, according…

A School Desegregated Is Still Divided

A judge’s ruling in February freeing Little Rock, Ark., schools from oversight has not ended longstanding racial resentments.

Fifty years ago, angry whites protested desegregation at Central High School as…

White House Nixed Student Loan Reform

The Bush administration nixed a 2001 proposal to tighten restrictions on the student loan industry.

Since then, the loan industry has come under investigation for paying universities and school officials…

Conduct Uncensored in 4th Circuit’s Ruling

An “adults only” en banc opinion by a federal appeals court says a college soccer coach’s comments may violate Title IX’s ban on sexual discrimination in public schools.

The opinion…

Laws Restrict Actions Against Troubled Students

Federal laws generally prevent universities from placing students on involuntary medical leave for mental illness and from informing their parents of their problems without consent, the New York Times reports.

Judge Backs Ban of Anti-Gay Shirt

A federal judge in Chicago has sided with a suburban school that banned anti-gay T-shirts.

A student wanted to wear a shirt that read “Be Happy, Not Gay” as part…

April 20, 1971

School Busing Gets the Green Light

See You in 18 Months

Education Department puts ABA accreditation role on ‘a short leash’

Ever True to Brown?

Two Public School Cases Raise the Legacy of the Famed Desegregation Ruling

Vouchers Tested

School Vouchers Are Facing a Different Set of Legal Challenges in State Courts

An Evolving Conflict

Intelligent-Design Proponents May Have Lost a Battle, but They’ll Continue the Fight

A Record High on the Hill

Ninth Annual ABA Day Focuses on Issues of Concern to the Profession

Shear Outrage

School District Gets Clipped by Angry Mom After Teachers Get Snippy With Her Son

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