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Hearsay, Gone Tomorrow

Domestic Violence Cases at Issue as Judges Consider Which Evidence to Allow

Bullet Proof

Can We Really Say Where a Particular Bullet Came From?

M.D. With a Mission

A Physician Battles Against Colleagues He Considers Rogue Expert Witnesses

Hidden Agendas

Unlocking Invisible Electronic Codes Can Reveal Deleted Text, Revisions

Truth To Tell

Attorneys for a Murder Suspect Say Brain Fingerprinting Proves His Innocence

DNA Dragnet

Critics Say Police Employed Heavy-Handed Tactics to Coerce More Than 1,200 People to Give Genetic Samples in the Search for a Serial Killer

What’s the worst experience you’ve had dealing with your own expert witness?

Out of the Blue

Even after the Supreme Court tried to rein in expert witnesses willing to testify at the drop of a theory, embattled dentist Michael West and his shining light prove that ‘science’ can be stranger than fiction.