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Changes You Deserve: A historic transformation

The American Bar Association can now tailor the value we deliver to members, personalized to their areas of practice and interest. Our members have exclusive access to benefits that support them as they grow their practices, enhance their professional development, and engage on issues affecting the profession.

A new structure for the ABA staff

Jack L. Rives writes that a significant restructuring at the American Bar Association refocuses staff support through nine centers based upon four goals.

Embracing Innovation: Adapting to change is essential for law practitioners

The legal profession is at a critical juncture. As the world’s pre-eminent association focused on the rule of law, the American Bar Association has a vital role to lead responses…

Challenges and Accomplishments

Barring any unforeseen ca­tastrophes in the final weeks of our fiscal year, which ended Aug. 31, the association should post a mod­­est financial surplus. In a year when the challenges…

Left, Right or Center?

The ABA is about process, not politics

It’s a Small World

How the ABA is relevant in Anytown, USA

ABA: Perception vs. Reality

What I’ve learned in 30 years—and 12 months

Leaving on a High Note

Over the Past 12 Years, the ABA Has Grown in Membership, Diversity and Relevance   

Advancing the Rule of Law

We Are Ready to Meet the Demands of an Increasingly International Agenda

A Persistent Challenge

The ABA Must Adroitly Tackle the Question of When to Take Positions on Public Policy

A Stake In The Future

The ABA’s Law Student Division Provides an Array of Benefits for Tomorrow’s Lawyers

A Beacon of Justice

The ABA Continues to Explore and Develop Procedures to Strengthen the Jury System

Maintaining High Standards

The ABA’s Law School Accreditation Program Underpins Our System of Legal Education

A House in Order

The House of Delegates Has an Ambitious Agenda Set for This Year’s Midyear Meeting

A Global Presence

The ABA Plays a Vital Role in Providing Technical Legal Assistance Abroad

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