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Heard and Not Seen

Britain’s family courts listen to children over the Internet

The Youngest Clients

Lawyers are becoming more assertive in advocating directly for children in court proceedings

The Rites Wrangle

Same Sex Marriage Advocates Vow to Fight On, Despite a Summer of Rulings Against Their Cause

Worthy Work

Distinguishing Clients’ Treasure From Trash Can Be Tricky Business

Collaborative Counselors

Newest ADR Option Wins Converts, While Suffering Some Growing Pains

The Price is Right

Courts Are Searching For New Ways to Determine Value

Flying Under the Radar

These Little-Notices Legal Developments Could be Making News This Year

A Wider Net

ABA Backs Bills That Would Expand Support Services for Domestic Violence Victims

Live-Action Interaction

Virtual Visitation Diminishes Distances Between Divorced Parents and Their Kids

The Human Equation

Family Law Software Saves Time, But Too Much Technology Could Hurt a Practice

Beware of Spyware

Litigants Sometimes Resort to Computer Snooping, But It Could Be a Crime

Pour It On

Activists Cite Rising Need for Lawyers o Represent Domestic Violence Victims

The Changing Face of Gay Legal Issues

Lawyers Advising Clients Face Uncertainties on Issues Ranging From Parental Rights to Estate Planning