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Slain Victim’s Kin Own OJ Book Rights

A highly controversial book authored by fallen football hero O.J. Simpson that some considered his confession to the 1994 murders of his former wife, Nicole, and a male companion, Ron…

11th Circuit OKs Search of Football Fans

“Voluntary” pat-down searches of fans entering football stadiums do not violate the 4th Amendment prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizes, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals decided today.


Efforts to Protect Immigrants from Crime Elicit Praise—and Criticism

In separation investigations more than 1,000 miles apart, officials say they have found that illegal immigrants are targeted as crime victims at least in part because they are reluctant to…

Gunman Blames Lawyer for Foreclosure

A gunman angered over the loss of his home tied up a legal secretary and stole her car today.

The gunman entered a lawyer’s office in Ocala, Fla., and told…

White Lawyer Takes Misdemeanor Plea; Black Youth Faces 20-Year Prison Term

Their crimes, arguably, are quite similar. Both were accused of shooting at another person. Both say they didn’t. And, fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in either case.

But the resulting…

ACLU ‘Juneteenth’  for Florida Ex-Cons

Seeking to help disenfranchised former convicts in Florida, the American Civil Liberties Union is promoting a “Juneteenth” effort. Its purpose is to make them aware of a state clemency program…

‘Phenomenal Year’ for Florida Lawyers

Defying predictions of a law practice slowdown, attorneys in South Florida report their business is booming.

“It was a phenomenal year to be a lawyer,” John C. Sumberg, managing partner…

Foreclosures Explode in South Florida; Poor, Minorities Hit Hardest

Although South Florida is still a bit below the national average for the total percentage of mortgages in foreclosure, that may not be true much longer. The number of foreclosure…

Suit Claims Racist Tobacco Marketing

A Miami attorney has filed a $1 billion suit that claims tobacco companies targeted blacks with racist marketing tactics.

Solo practitioner J.B. Harris filed the suit on behalf of Coral…

Is Florida Paternity Register Working?

It may be time for some unmarried men in Florida to forget the classic post-coital cigarette, a state supreme court justice said this week. Instead, those who want to be…

Big Labor Boutique Raids Orlando Rival

The nation’s biggest labor boutique has set up shop in Orlando, Florida, with six attorneys raided from the local office of a rival multistate employment firm.

Littler Mendelson, headquartered in…

Busting a Move

Woman Sues After Boss’s Hubby’s Heave-Ho Causes Her to Hit Hard in Dance Floor Debacle

Condo Owner Fraud Squad Local Heroes in Florida

A successful effort by condominium residents near Miami to bring to justice those involved in management malfeasance has made the whistleblowers local heroes.

Calls are coming in from all around…

Pulling on a Fine Line

Case raises questions about when a N.Y. lawyer may advise snowbirds in Florida

Vouchers Tested

School Vouchers Are Facing a Different Set of Legal Challenges in State Courts