71 ABA Journal Hawaii articles.

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Obama’s Citizenship

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship.

The emergency appeal turned down today had contended Obama could not be president because his father…

Obama’s Grandma’s Early Ballot Still Counts, Despite Her Death

An absentee ballot cast by Barack Obama’s grandmother prior to her death Sunday still counts in her home state of Hawaii.

However, some states, including South Dakota, have a different…

Judge Tosses Doomsday Lawsuit for Lack of Jurisdiction

A federal judge in Honolulu has tossed a lawsuit that had contended a Swiss particle accelerator could produce a black hole and swallow the…

How LA Lawyer Dropped 90 Pounds, Became Iron Man

His demanding job as an in-house general counsel, difficulties with his marriage and adjusting to being a father made it easy for Steven Spitz to pack on the pounds.


Lawsuit’s Doomsday Allegations Proven Wrong, So Far, in Collider Test

Allegations in a lawsuit that a Swiss subatomic particle accelerator could produce a black hole and swallow the Earth proved untrue in a first test of the device today.


Top Corporate Lawyer Creates ‘Virtual’ Law Firm in Hawaii

After 16 years as a partner at Hawaii’s largest law firm, Greg Kim was ready for a change. Even though he had developed a technique of doing much of his…

Hawaii’s Fix for the Crime Problem: Flash Incarceration

Hawaii has developed an innovative probation program that seems to be significantly more effective than the standard approach in scaring offenders straight.

Dubbed “flash incarceration,” it focuses on immediate, short-term…

Hawaii Ponders Controversial ‘Law Practice’ Rule

The Hawaii State Bar Association is asking the state’s supreme court to revise an ethical rule against the unauthorized practice of law, clarifying that nonlawyers can’t select, draft or complete…

EEOC Obtains Record Settlement in Race Bias Case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has negotiated a record $2.5 million settlement on behalf of a former electrician at Lockheed Martin Corp.

The EEOC says the amount is the largest…

Kamehameha’s Children

ABA supports legislation for self-determination of Native Hawaiians

Taxi Gig Drives Cabbie, 59, to Law School

Driving a taxi is what put a 59-year-old Hawaii man on the road to law school.

John Parker often picked up fares at the police station, and drove people home…

Erosion of Trust

Hawaii’s Bishop Estate: a cautionary tale of mismanagement at a charitable organization

Ohio Attorney Survives Shark Attack

Harvey Miller is thanking his lucky stars. One, that he survived a rare shark attack off of Oahu, while snorkeling on vacation in Hawaii last week. And, two, that he…

Troubled Paradise

Debate Over Sovereignty for Native Hawaiians Is Not Likely to End Soon

Greetings From ‘Independent’ Hawaii

A Drive to Gain Some Measure of Self-Government for Hawaii’s Native Population Raises Questions About Whether the State Could Even Leave the Union