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Vive les Class Actions

Europe Is Showing More Interest in Legal Mechanisms That Have Come Under Fire in the United States

Foreign Fight

Alberto Galvis Claims That Occidental Petroleum Corp. Is Liable for a Raid That Killed His Family in Colombia. A Revived Alien Tort Law May Get Him His Day in U.S. Court.

Konichiwa, Bengoshi!

Japan Is Set to Relax Foreign Partnership Rules, and Competition for Mergers Is On

Old Continent, New Deal

The European Union Is Developing a Body of Law That Will Have a Major Impact on U.S. Businesses

Pacific Overtures

U.S. Firms Find the Asian Legal Market Tough to Crack

Networking for Referrals

Sending Cases to Other Lawyers Isn’t as Risky if You Know Their Qualifications

Taking the Initiative

ABA-Africa Works With Local Advisers to Strengthen the Countries’ Legal Systems