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Big-Box Match in the Early Rounds

Legal sparring is under way over living-wage laws that are aimed at major retailers


What You’ll be Talking About in 2007

Tales Of Hoffman

A 2002 High Court Case Figures Prominently in Immigrant Rights Battle

Fighting Fire With Fire

When Unions Turn Up the Heat, Companies Fight Back With Lawsuits

Moving Targets

Some Courts May Be Changing Course on Corporate Counsel Mobility

Fighting Stereotypes

ABA Group Urges Employers to Include Lawyers With Disabilities in Diversity Efforts

The HIV Conundrum

Medical Advances in the 25-Year Battle Against AIDS Make Lawsuits Over Workplace Bias More Difficult

Pregnant Pause

Lawyers See Rise in ‘Family Responsibilities’ Cases and Wins for Plaintiffs

Hardier Stock

Ex-Enron Workers’ ERISA Suits May Reach Where Securities Laws Don’t Go

Open for Business

The Concerns of Corporate America Are Front and Center at the Supreme Court

Hidden Harassment

Law Firms and Disciplinary Authorities Look For Ways to Fight Sexual Misconduct

Foundation For Firing?

Bare-Faced Barkeep Battles Bosses After Customers Call for Cosmetics

A Trap for Employers

Retaliation Actions Are on the Rise in Employment Discrimination Cases

A Matter of Some Weight

As Obesity Claims Increase, Experts Say the Issue Isn’t Nature or Nurture–It’s Bias

Who is a Partner?

The EEOC Looks Beyond Titles in its Age Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm

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