Law By the Numb#rs

59 ABA Journal Law By the Numb#rs articles.

Blogging is big with BigLaw firms
Client survey shows nearly two-thirds are using alternative fee arrangements
1 in 10 will click on attachments in phishing emails, study finds
3Ls and old pros differ on whether new grads are prepared for practice
NALP leader finds an interesting synchrony between law school, jobs figures
2014 was a year of gains for law firms
Many small firms face big payment problems
82 law firm mergers got the green light in 2014
Corporations are adding to their in-house legal departments, cutting outside expenditures
Large corporations worldwide switched their 2013 legal spending from outside law firms to in-house law departments, according to HBR Consulting’s 2014 Law Department Survey.
Because it’s still who you know
Consider the Alternatives: How profitable are alternative fee arrangements?
A lawyer’s value, hour by hour
Firms keep a tight rein on employees’ mobile access to networks
Solos go for tech in 2014
Lateral hiring drops again in 2013

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