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How law firms reacted to racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic
Nearly three-fourths of surveyed law firms launched new programs to address racial injustice after Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the death of George Floyd last year, according to a new study.
Pandemic and financial stress could push some lawyers to act unethically, experts warn
Mental health and lawyer ethics experts are warning that financial stress and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may push lawyers to act imprudently or unethically.
How lawyers can reengineer our profession from the bottom up
Sometimes you just have to tear something down and start over again—like when you were a child and built a house of blocks or constructed a bridge with your Erector set, and it came tumbling down. You discovered too late that the foundation was not strong. It needed a redo.
ABA’s Practice Forward group puts focus on members’ needs, well-being
The challenges confronting the legal profession as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a prime focus of the 2021 ABA Midyear Meeting.
Young lawyers bring meditation to ABA Midyear Meeting
It's important to offer people opportunities to practice meditation because once you introduce them to it, it's more likely they'll try it again on their own, says Christina Sava, a member of the Young Lawyers Division Wellness Committee.
5 ways to be shameless in 2021
Negative self-judgment is a career killer. When we believe that we are fundamentally flawed, it is like swimming upstream 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We aren’t born that way, but we learn that we are unworthy from an early age. The problem for lawyers arises when our careers do not go as planned.
Cole Schotz settles suit against lawyer accused of revealing confidential documents in bid to injure BigLaw
A federal judge in New Jersey has dismissed Cole Schotz’s claims against a former bankruptcy associate whom it had accused of revealing two confidential law firm documents and threatening to disclose even more.
After filing election suits, pro-Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood is asked to undergo mental health evaluation
The State Bar of Georgia has asked lawyer L. Lin Wood Jr., a supporter of former President Donald Trump, to take a mental health examination after he got kicked off a defamation case for “surprising incompetence” in election litigation.
Stop chasing perfection, and make it a family affair

Both partners’ support and active engagement is vital to a satisfying work-home balance. Since her passing, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been celebrated not only as a trailblazing legal giant but also as a loving wife, mother and grandmother. The Ginsburgs demonstrated that a strong partnership at home leads to success as professionals, life partners and parents.

How to release self-destructive thoughts and cultivate optimism

During this period of COVID-19, when so many of our norms have been disrupted and the future is uncertain, it is an understatement to say there is a lot to feel anxious about.

Zen principles provide valuable lessons for judges
In some cultures, it is honorable for monks to parade through the streets with their rice bowls, seeking handouts so they can live a life of religious purity, while bestowing good fortune to those who contribute. In the United States, we call such people panhandlers. Here, Zen Buddhism is seldom practiced by monks but instead by farmers, auto mechanics, teachers and judges.
Harvard 2L is remembered with acts of kindness by more than a thousand people
More than a thousand people have recorded their acts of kindness to honor a second-year Harvard Law School student who lost his battle with depression on New Year’s Eve.
Judges are stressed by their decisions, and 20% have at least one depressive symptom, survey finds
One in five judges who responded to a survey on job stress met at least one criteria for depressive disorder, according to survey results released late last month.
10 New Year’s resolutions lawyers can make for resilience in 2021

Now is the time when people usually think about changes they can make to improve their lives—otherwise known as New Year’s resolutions. You can choose one or all of these 10 resolutions; it depends on how much you want to change your life.

Need some advice? Here’s a roundup of our tips and tricks to help launch your 2021
At the ABA Journal, part of our mission is to provide useful, relevant advice for members of the legal profession. The past year presented challenges that left all of us scrambling for guidance, and we did our best to serve readers' interests in five major areas: their practice, their well-being, their skill sets, their ethical duties and their career transitions.

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