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First-year lawyer offers self-care tips and shares how he learned to quiet his mind post-law school

In this episode of Asked and Answered with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward, Michael R. Anspach talks about his road to success after law school, his self-care tips and how he learned to quiet his mind.

Navigating ‘introvert hell’: You don’t have to be hard-charging to be an impactful legal networker

Instead of forcing extroversion in high-pressure networking scenarios that naturally drain our energy and cause unnecessary internal conflict, introverts can be powerful connectors by recognizing and capitalizing on our inherent strengths.

How to mindfully navigate a career transition

Navigating a career transition is often a messy and complicated journey. Lawyers tend to strongly identify who they are with what they do. Here are some mindful practices that may help to guide you and make a more easeful transition.

Top 10 rules to be a successful lawyer

“We are here to live life and be as successful as we can possibly be,” writes trial attorney James Gray Robinson. Check out his top rules about practicing law—and life in general—that can help lawyers to be successful, whether they are young or old.

How bystanders can stand up to sexual harassment in the law office

Even though bystanders are not the intended target of sexual harassment in the workplace, they, too, can endure a personal toll that is often overlooked, writes author and lawyer Lauren Stiller Rikleen.

How do you keep down your stress levels at the office?

Stress management doesn’t come easily to lawyers, who are paid to stay on top of things. In the ABA Journal magazine, columnist Jeena Cho notes that lawyers’ analytical nature can…

6 steps to starting meditation: Don’t overprepare—just dive in

Meditation is a tool we can use to train the mind to be in the present moment. Over time, you may naturally notice that the mind spends less time ruminating, regretting the past or worrying about the future.Here’s a simple practice to get you started.

Kirkland & Ellis hires director of well-being and plans apps to help increase resilience

A lawyer who is also a licensed clinical professional counselor is the new firmwide director of well-being at Kirkland & Ellis.

The new hire is Robin Belleau, the former executive…

Are law schools doing enough to help with student stress?

Few recent graduates think that their law schools made an effort to help students with school-related stress, according to a new survey from the test prep company Kaplan Bar Review.

Amped Up: ADHD med abuse in the legal profession

In this episode of Asked and Answered, attorney Patrick Krill talks about the extent of the issue of abusing pills, its prevalence in people under 40, and the dangers of illegal prescription stimulants.

However you spell it, ‘humor’ or ‘humour’ is admissible in law practice

Are you sometimes overstressed practicing law? Are taking yourself too seriously? Is your sense of humor dusty, dormant or, even worse, muzzled? Lawyer Marcel Strigberger can help.

How to shift from bad to good stress and protect innovation in law practice

The threat of attorney burnout is real. And yet, we often forget about some of the other, subtler effects of chronic stress in the legal profession, including one of the most essential legal capacities: innovation.

30% of young lawyers in this state wouldn’t go to law school in a do-over

Many young lawyers in Florida are having some misgivings about their choice of a legal career or their particular field of practice.

A survey by the Florida Bar’s Young…

Fear and Lawyering: Create a work culture of ‘psychological safety’ that encourages taking intellectual and creative risks

Psychological safety in the legal profession means cultivating and being an ambassador for a work environment in which asking questions, testing novel ideas and theories, taking intellectual risks and openly discussing prevention and handling of mistake-making is encouraged and welcomed.

Rethinking Reactions to Stress: You can’t control the sources of your anxiety—only your response

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing clear-minded attention to what is happening in the present moment. This seemingly simple practice has been shown to have a wide range of benefits, including decreasing stress and anxiety. Meditation is the primary tool for practicing mindfulness on a regular basis.

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